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For the Love of Learning Episode #99

Young Global Changemakers

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Monday April 3, 2017, 8pm-10pm EDT

Tuesday April 4, 2017, 1am-3am BST


Kaitlin Murray
Cassidy Murray
Alex Kuch
Kieryn Darkwater
Miro Siegel



In this episode we are going to explore speak with five youth changemakers. This episode will be co-hosted with my son, Miro, who is among one of the five changemakers on tonight’s panel.

What is a changemaker? The term changemaker is simple to understand, just from the words it’s made from.

So, what kind of change do changemakers seek? For the most part, the only change that really matters: social change, or any other kind of change can help people. Changemakers can be described as social entrepreneurs, activists, or any other number of titles.

There is one main difference between changemakers and the rest of the world. Most people desire change; many know what they would like to see different in the world, and some even know how it could be done best. There is a higher class of people who act to see their change happen; many of these fail. However, this is where changemakers differ: they make their change happen. Using a combination of knowledge, resources, and determination, they push through until their dream becomes truth, and then push some more. Changemakers are the force of social evolution; everyone can become one, and everyone should. Welcome to episode number 99 where we’ll meet a few of these special youth.


Guests’ Bios:

Kaitlin Murray

Kaitlin is a traveler, humanitarian, and human rights advocate. She is 17 years old and has been traveling her entire life with her family. She was born in Holland and also lived in the United States, Germany, France, and Rome, Italy all by the time she was seven. For the next 7 years, she lived in Venice, Italy where most of her childhood memories were made. When Kaitlin was 14, her family decided to step out of their comfort zone and explore the world on an open-ended journey to see the world. So far they have visited over 50 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North and South America, and Asia. She believes that the world is her classroom where she learns through the cultural diversity of its people. Through her travels Kaitlin has found a love for archaeology, literature, history, theater, and sharing her adventures and stories through her writing – opening hearts and minds to the realities and amazing people of the world. She discovered her passion for volunteering and humanitarian work after volunteering with Syrian refugees in Turkey in 2015. After this experience, her and her sister started a non-profit organization called Kids Unite 4 Hope where their goal is to help kids in need and encourage kids and teens to make a difference in their communities and around the world. Since then she has volunteered globally and given numerous presentations to teens about the refugee crisis and the importance of using their youth to make a positive impact on the world.
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Cassidy Murray

Cassidy is 15 years old and not your typical teen. Because of her family’s desire to learn about the world firsthand by exploring it full-time, Cassidy left her home in Venice, Italy in 2013 and has traveled to over 50 countries across the globe – developing a passion for art, languages and culture. She became a devoted volunteer and human rights advocate while volunteering during the refugee crisis in the Middle East, US, and Greece and found that she is happiest when she is helping other kids and teens and creating lasting friendships with them. Cassidy is also a co-founder of the non-profit organization Kids Unite 4 Hope which she and her sister started in 2015 to help kids in need and to inspire kids around the world to volunteer and make a difference. You can find her at and

Alex Kuch

Alex Kuch was born in Romania in 1995 and was adopted in 1997 from an orphanage in Cluj- Napoca, Romania by a German couple. He also has a younger brother adopted from Romania by the same family. The family moved to New Zealand in 2006. Alex is the leading voice for children’s rights in New Zealand and he seeks to reopen international adoptions from Romania, which have been closed since 2003. There are currently approximately 70 thousand orphans in Romanian institutions. Alex studies International Relations & Politics and Psychology at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He is a Youth Ambassador for a New Zealand NGO: the Leprosy Mission NZ. He travelled with 7 others on a full scholarship to Nepal in 2016 to see the humanitarian work being undertaken by this group. He is actively involved in civil societies, contributing his unique experiences and passions. This includes the youth accredited organization of the United Nations (Model-UN) and AIESEC, the world’s largest youth movement to engage in cross-cultural dialog and to promote world peace. AIESEC is also a partner of the United Nations. In addition to this Alex is an active member of Toastmasters International, a world renowned organization that he utilizes to challenge himself and grow in his public speaking career and leadership abilities. Furthermore Alex has completed an Internship for one of New Zealand’s leading humanitarian aid and development organization, Tearfund, where he researched gender-based violence prevention methods in Nepal in a post-disaster context. This included then coming up with practical ways to implement this. Alex used an innovative approach which was possible due to his unique set of experiences in Nepal. He is delighted that Tearfund are now putting into action parts of his input and advice.
ASPIRATIONS- Alex is in the process of beginning his own children’s right social enterprise, as yet un-named, which he aspires to make a leading global organization, helping the lives of abandoned children everywhere. In 2018, he hopes to undertake his Masters of Childhood Studies and Children’s Rights degree at the University of Potsdam in Berlin, Germany. ​

Kieryn Darkwater 

Kieryn Darkwater is a blue haired fairy boi you can find making art and being an activist. They spend their time advocating for housing with East Bay Forward and protecting homeschool students as the Tech Director of the Coalition for Responsible Home Education. When they’re not writing, organizing, or otherwise doing activisms, you can find them drawing comics, talking about what HRT is like, learning any new art skill, or playing video games.

Miro Siegel 

Miro Siegel is an 18 year old traveler and youth facilitator for Project World School. His learning is self directed and influenced by the ever changing world around him. To him, this is Worldschooling. He is interested in, and is an advocate for children’s rights, travel as education and a spearhead of the Worldschooling movement that he and his mother helped create. Miro Siegel traveled to Amsterdam in April, 2016 to present at the TEDxAmsterdamED conference and to bring a slightly more ‘unconventional’ view to the table. He aspires to bring cultural awareness and immersion to more people, because he truly believes that travel can bring peace to the world and inspire learning without measure.

This episode is produced by Anne Bioe

Episode hosted by Lainie Liberti


Lainie Liberti

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