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For the Love of Learning Episode 60

Transgender Empowerment & Education

Monday June 6, 2016  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
Tuesday June 7, 2016 1:00 am – 3:00 am GMT


Ollie Remington
Jasmine Phoenix
Jesse Persons
Dave Vyas



In tonight’s episode we’ll talk about Transgender Empowerment & examine the intersection between trans issues and education.

Transgender and gender non-conforming youth face challenges in society at large, at school and within their own families. In addition to the typical challenges faced by all teen students, those who are transgender and/or gender non-conforming must also be ready to survive slurs, bullying, harassment, and assaults by fellow students and even teachers. Instead of creating safe spaces for gender non-conforming and transgender students, often times school administrations enforce policies and practices that can punish gender non-conforming and transgender youth for simply for being who they are. A national survey has found that 75% of transgender youth feel unsafe at school, and those who are able to persevere have significantly lower GPAs, are more likely to miss school out of concern for their safety, and are less likely to plan on continuing their education.

On this show, for the Love of Learning, we’ve been exploring all aspects of education over the last year and a half. One thing we’ve discovered is that there is no common definition of the word “education”. In fact, we have discovered that “education” often refers to the act of learning and learning happens from many different perspectives. Tonight, we will explore education in the formal sense, meaning schools, homeschooling and unschooling options, but we will also approach learning from the inward journey, how we educate ourselves, in this case, the audience and the community at large. I look forward to learning from this panel and providing a platform for the teens on tonight’s panel to, shine light on empowerment through their experiences and learn how we can walk along side them and support their journey.



Ollie Remington


I’m Ollie Remington, male pronouns. My name on my birth certificate, my name is Alexandra Lynn. I’m going to change it to Oliver Leland. I realized I was Transgender around this time (April or May) of last year. Before I realized that I was trans, I thought I was just bi or genderfluid, but leaned more towards male. After coming out as trans, it felt like a weight off my shoulders and I felt genuinely happy, which I haven’t felt in years. On top of being Trans, I am also Demisexual, Pansexual and Bisexual.
     I like anime, manga, cosplay and photography. I hang out with people when I can, though I am every anti-social and not every talkative when I first meet people, but as soon as you get to know me you’ll beg me to shut up, not really jkjk. Just recently I created a facebook page with my bestie, Jasmine, for someplace we can display our cosplay and what not, and we’ll be posting a lot.
Just to let you know, I have bad anxiety, phobia’s and social anxiety when I’m not comfortable, which is easy to tell cause I won’t be talking and wont want to be noticed. If I’m with someone I know, I’m more social. My anxiety, phobia and social anxiety is mostly due to school back at Brockport. Back there I wasn’t really comfortable with myself because I was always teased and bullied for being the “fatter” or “bigger” kid and because I wasn’t into “girly” labeled things. It was only until 8th grade or high school that I started to be more of myself. My public school experience was good, but there were some people that I had to learn to ignore and not let them get to me. The music I listen to taught me to be myself and not to let the hate and negativity get to you. I highly recommend the songs “Massacre,” “Let Go,” and “Human” by Ghost Town or “Sweet Blasphemy,” “New Religion” by Black Veil Brides or “Devil’s Night,” “A.M.E.R.I.C.A.” by Motionless in White. Any songs by these 3 bands are empowering or repeatable. The teachers I had were awesome, except a hand full of them, but I’ll save that for a later day. If you find me on social media, my account name usually has “Ghost” in it. Mostly because I like ghost’s and I’m a huge Ghost Town fan. In their song “Massacre” they talk about hate and how it wont get to them.
” … All the hate that you have…
Just throw it away
Life is meant for more,
But we’re too distracted..
Too caught up in the anger and judgment..
Caught up in the web of lies
I’ve heard these things keep our blood boiling,
Keeps us alive, and moving forward…
If that’s the case I was born a dead man.
And I’m forever a ghost…”
So now I consider myself a living ghost or a ghostie. But this song really did help me through so much in my life since I heard it. My favorite song by them. Hopefully I get to meet them at Warped Tour this summer!! That would make me so freaking happy, like no words can explain.
If I had to give advice to anyone who is going from homeschooling to public or private school, it would be to find people who are into the same things you are. They will accept you. Teachers and librarians are usually better than students to be friendly with though. I loved, in a friend form of love, my schools librarians and teachers.

Jasmine Phoenix


I’m Jasmine Phoenix (female pronouns), although my birth name is Brandon Burnett. I’m a 18 year old transgender (MTF) unschooled teenager. I’m also Owner and Founder of Unschoolers Creative City, and I love anime, music, gaming, technology/computers, and also love the outdoors and to travel, especially hanging out with my best friend (and unbiological brother) Ollie!
I’m typically a very closed and introverted person, although there are a few people that I’m very close to. Part of that comes from how public school traumatized me because I was always bullied, and some other life events that have affected me in my history.
I’m pretty sure my brother probably wrote a much longer bio, but I’m still working on coming out of my shell with his help and guidance. I’ve been such an introverted person up until now and trying to now be more transparent of who I am. <3

Jesse Persons


Hey! my name is Jesse Persons, my pronouns are she/she, and I’m a 16 year old transgender Unschooler. i’ve been unschooled since day one, and it’s one of the most positive influences over my life. i’m also a vegetarian. I like to think i have a lot of varied interests (sewing, cinematography, languages..) and being Unschooled allows me to pursure all of these things! I’ve been out as trans for close to a year, and finding out more about myself and embracing who I am has been another very, very positive experience!


Dave Vyas


Dave Vyas is a homeschooler who, after fulfilling their high school diploma, became immersed in the unschooling and worldschooling worlds. Dave uses they/them and it/it/itself pronouns in lieu of traditional gendered pronouns, and usage information can be found at and

Dave is a classically trained vocalist with 5+ years of opera and performance experience, and is currently working on writing and recording their own music. Outside of art, Dave is driven by a passion for creating and improving systems and patterns. This passion was honed during the 2015 Adventure Semester with Unschool Adventures, and Dave has been pursuing environmental advocacy ever since. They will be spending the 2016-17 year living off-the-grid on a gap year offered by the High Desert Center for Sustainable Studies.

Advocacy is a skill that Dave often finds themselves slipping into. Over the years, Dave has self-educated on issues around gender, sex education, nonviolent communication, social justice, and environmental justice in order to be an educator and resource in their own communities. They aim to be a facilitator around integrated and intersectional study and communication, no matter where the rest of their life takes them.



Lainie Liberti

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