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For the Love of Learning Episode 58

Teens Talk About Being Educated Without Going To School

Monday May 23, 2016  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
Tuesday May 24, 2016 1:00 am – 3:00 am GMT


Erin Azcona-Beam
Harmony Bailey
Christian DeMichiel
Dylan DeMichiel
Benjamin Echols
Scout Fynn

Katie Mitchell
Joey Phelps
Seraya Talbott-Carey
Justin Widen

Co-hosted by Miro Siegel


The teens on this panel share what it’s like to be educated without going to a traditional school. These teens represent different styles of home education, from Christian homeschoolers, unschoolers, worldschoolers, self directed learners and some, with a mix of all of the above. They will  share their  experiences, challenges and greatest successes. Have questions for them? Be sure to log in to the youtube chat during the show time to ask your questions too!



erinErin Azcona-Beam

Erin Azcona-Beam is a World/Unschooler who has been traveling her whole life. She is a citizen of both the United States and Mexico and has spent time in 13 different countries so far. After home-schooling as a young child, she went on to attend six schools in 3 different countries. While these schools included both public and private schools with different educational philosophies, each presented its own set of problems. She started unschooling shortly after turning 14, a year and a half ago and she says she has become much happier since leaving the school system. Erin is based in Mexico City. Earlier this year she attended the Project World School Mexico Teen Retreat. She will be attending the Project World School Retreat in Perú next month and hopes to go on more in the future.

HarmonyHarmony Bailey

Harmony is 15 year old girl who is passionate about many facets of Performing Arts. She played the role or Mary Poppins in our homeschool group’s play this year. She loves fashion, make-up, singing and plays ukulele. She is also involved in Jazz dancing and some ballet. She likes the flexibility that a homeschooled life offers, and the community of friends she has with it.

christianChristian DeMichiel

CHRISTIAN is a 16 year old world traveler, photographer, and online personality. He has been living a fulltime traveling lifestyle with his family for almost 10 years. Together they have visited 49 states in America with plans to go to his 50th state – Hawaii – this fall. Christian has backpacked through Europe twice and has explored countless locations throughout the world.

When he isn’t busy traveling, Christian likes to make videos for his YouTube Channel – Christian’s Crazy Life. He loves attending Concerts, Meet n’ Greets, Unschool Conferences and Industry Events. He considers himself a “Pentaholic” due to his passion for his favorite accapella group, Pentatonix.

Christian and his twin brother, Dylan, are lifelong Worldschoolers that easily adapt to new environments and learn from each unique experience they encounter.

DylanDylan DeMichiel

DYLAN is a 16 year old who travels the world with his family. He has been to 49 states and over 19 countries. He and his twin brother, Christian, are lifelong Worldschoolers.

Dylan is very adventurous and always ready to lead his family’s next big adventure. He is curious by nature and enjoys learning about the many things his travels bring him. He will ask all the questions he has and won’t stop until he finds an answer.

Dylan is passionate about travel and would enjoy a career in that field when he is older. He loves seeing the world and trying many new things from that culture.

BenjaminBenjamin Echols

Benjamin Echols is a homeschooler. He was born and raised in Florida, but his family and himself love to travel and see the world. They embrace the ideology of worldschooling. His passions include linguistics, (one of his goals is to become a polyglot) music, herpetology and zoology, photography, history, and culture.

Benjamin loves to see through the foreign peoples’ eyes and their worldviews; he feel that language is one of the greatest tools to achieving this. Worldschooling and un-schooling have given him experiences and opportunities that he would never have dreamed imaginable, as well as allowing him to exercise his passions. He think that exposing oneself to the outside world and the beauty of it’s culture is one of the most amazing things that you can do.

ScoutScout Fynn

Scout Fynn is a 16 year old unschooler.  She is an avid reader and loves creating both fine and abstract art.  She is passionate about music and in particular the piano, in which she has a grade 4 pass.  Presently she is teaching herself popular tunes by watching YouTube tutorials.  Her interest in the creative arts led her to the Centre for Fine Art, Animation and Design (CFAD), a tertiary that accepts homeschoolers without formal school leaving qualifications.  She is currently doing her first year of study, part time, and is interested in graphic design. 

Languages interest her and this includes the language of coding.  She loves learning and hopes she will continue doing so until she becomes a fat, old, cat lady with bad hair…

She is an accomplished karateka, and has her purple belt in Shotokan Karate. Scout is a self confessed tree-hugger and yoga fundi.

Katie*Katie Mitchell

Katie is an 18 year old Worldschooler who has been in and out of the traditional school system since the 2nd grade. She is attending Colorado State University next year after traveling the world with Project World School for over half of 2016. She loves travel and finding community wherever she goes!

JoeyJoey Phelps

Joey was born in Tallahassee, Florida, and has lived in various places in the United States until he was nine years old, when his father got an opportunity to work in Doha, Qatar. He spent the next seven years living in Doha, and the past three splitting his time between Doha and the United States.

He’s never been to a traditional school; in fact, he didn’t start any sort of intentional education until he was around fourteen. His parents have always allowed him to choose what path he wanted to take, and he finally decided he wanted to start high school. He enrolled in Florida Virtual School and now, four years later, he’s close to finishing his high school education and moving on to his career, and eventually university.

SerayaSeraya Talbott-Carey

Seraya is a 14 year old who lives off the grid in rural Colorado. She spent her childhood going on crazy adventures with her dad and the unschooled teens he ran programs for while pursuing her passion in preforming arts with her mom. She is currently trying to figure out what to do for her highschool years while attending public school, although she is still an unschooler at heart.

JustinJustin Widen

Justin Widen is 15 year old homeschooler from Chicago, IL currently living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. He attended public school until 5th grade and began home schooling/road schooling approximately four years ago. His interests include travel, chemistry, physics, astronomy, electronics, computers, coding, video games, building/tinkering and anything related to technology or science. He enjoys self directed projects like building his own computer, electric long board, and blue tooth speaker. He enjoys Jiu Jitsu, skiing, is a certified scuba diver, a Boy Scout currently pursuing his Eagle Scout rank, a delegate and staff member of the Chicago Model United Nations Club and volunteers as an English Tutor. He has road schooled in Paris, the Yucatan Pennisula, and throughout the United States including the Civil War and Civil Rights Trails, Smokey Mountains, National Parks, Space Camp in Huntsville, AL and the Kennedy Space Center. He intends to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering.


miroAbout the co-host Miro Siegel

Miro is an intrepid 17 year old who is indefinitely traveling and experiencing what the world has to offer with his mom. After traveling for almost 7 years, he’s been gifted with the opportunity of learning about the countless cultures that dot this planet with color. Miro has been worldschooling for almost a half of his life, and would have it no other way.

Currently writing a collection of poems and short stories, he spends most of his time tapping away on his keyboard or reading, although sometimes a day of footie pajamas and video games is called for. Miro is a devout, practicing Pastafarian, and is personal good friends with The Flying Spaghetti Monster. Miro has dug into his interests such as botany and mythology and has practiced them to some extent.

You can read his writing here: .  Miro recently gave a TEDx Ed talk in Amsterdam called Unschooling: Making The World Our Classroom with his mother about his life.


*This episode is co-produced with Katie Mitchell, who is also the Project World School intern.



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