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For the Love of Learning Episode 61

Teen Girls Talk About Education

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Monday June 13, 2016  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
Tuesday June 14, 2016 1:00 am – 3:00 am GMT


Gianna Cino
Katy Cure
Awdree Green
Katie Johnson
Réka Kaponay

Hannah Phillips
Martha Zo Ryland
Sydney Vetinger
Jasmijn Zandinga


Special Co-Host and Co-Producer

Katie Mitchell



On this all girls panel, we have girls with different educational backgrounds discussing what it is to be a girl and alternatively educated. The discussion is based around questions about community, the mainstream idea of homeschoolers, and the differences between being in public school as a girl and being home educated as a girl. This panel is one of our largest yet!


Gianna Cino


Gianna is eighteen, from Pennsylvania and a newfound world schooler.  She has been homeschooled/unschooled her whole life. She is currently living in a travel trailer with her family and learning on the road. World schooling is a pretty new concept for her, but she is all about it so far!

Katy Cure


Katy Cure is a 17 year-old Democratic Schooler from Colorado. In her six years at Alpine Valley School she has led the Judicial Committee School Meeting (the main groups that run the school), and has chaired several committees. When she’s not in school, Katy enjoys playing ice hockey and going swing dancing with friends.

Awdree Green


Hi I’m Awdree, I’m currently 16 years old and have been unschooled for about 7 years now. I love working with horses and being outdoors/being active in general. Most of the time I’m either working, hanging out with friends, obsessing over my truck, or spending time with my horse. Currently I’m interested in equine chiropractics and hope to start college stuff for that soon.

Katie Johnson


Katie is a 17 year old girl who lives in MD. She has been unschooled since she was about 6 or 7 years old. She, at one point, attended a Sudbury school here in MD for a few years and has since returned to unschooling.
Katie enjoys many things such as horseback riding, making any type of art, music, nature, playing guitar, and exploring the world around her.
Her first adventure with Project World School was last summer on their Peru trip to Lima and Cuzco. She learned everything from making cuy to learning about the environment and culture in South America. At the time, Katie was experiencing heavy anxiety and depression and was very nervous about this being her first time traveling alone, leaving the country for the first time, and spending a month away from home with people she had never met before. But once she landed in Lima and saw Lainie and Miro jumping up and down and screaming “KATIE!!!”, she knew she was in for a treat!
While in Peru, her anxiety and depression improved more than she could have ever imagined possible, thanks to Lainie and Miro! They were more supportive and kind-hearted than anyone she had ever met!
Now she is gearing up for another amazing trip with Project World School, this time to Wales to work on an organic farm. Travel has become a healing process, and with many thanks to her grandparents for the financial support.
Thank you Lainie and Miro!

Réka Kaponay


Seven years ago I was sitting in a classroom where my fate and everything that I was to know in this world was held in the hands of one very well intentioned, but ill-prepared person. Even then as an eight year old, I knew this environment would never be enough to satisfy the burning curiosity in my mind. Today, on the cusp of our fifth full year on the road, what is possible for me and how I see and interact with the world, is the difference between “Ég és Föld” which roughly translates from Hungarian to mean the difference between the ‘Sky and the Earth’.

Over the breadth of these last four years, I have been blessed to visit 32 countries on six continents, immersing myself in the living study of three languages. I have been able to invest into countless ancient cultures seeing and understanding the living comparison between what we hold to be our modern cultures and sub-cultures to hold a bigger view of the world today. I have met countless new people, sharing in their lives, who in-turn inspired me to share my very own life. This has resulted in my account of our and the way I see the world. It has been these experiences of love and generosity of being, that also inspired me to write my first full feature fantasy adventure fiction novel, Dawn of The Guardian, which was published on March 31st, 2016 in my hometown, Melbourne, Australia.

Many believe that to take such a journey you have to be made of cash, but the very opposite is the truth. We gave almost everything away in 2011. But it is not about the money; it is about your desire to reach out and take the first steps, and my parents and the world have taught me how to do this. With their love and guidance, they prepare me for a very different world.

Everyday, we as human beings, have a limitless capacity to give; it is our choice as to whether we do so. Giving through projects like the one my parents established, EnergeticXChange, and Impossible that our friend Lily Cole started, makes it all too easy to do so. This brings the world closer together and for now, my dream is to see and know more of this world and its people. Through the gift of our journey, I wish to generate the learning opportunities that will create the sustainable means for me to pave the way and share this wealth of experience with others.

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Hannah Phillips


Hannah was homeschooled for the majority of her education until attending school for eighth and ninth grade.  Homeschooling allowed her sister and herself to learn at their own pace about things that interested them.  It also enabled her family to travel – something they all love.  On one of their trips her family was fortunate enough to travel and volunteer in Ecuador and Peru for the entire school year when she was in tenth grade.  Homeschooling gave her to opportunity to experience the world in a hands-on fashion and she is profoundly grateful for being homeschooled.  In addition to being homeschooled, she is also a passionate runner, hiker, reader, baker, and loves spending time outdoors and with friends. Hannah is currently attending Clarkson University where she is studying Engineering and Management.  Homeschooling has been a major part of her life and an important part of shaping who she am today.


Sydney Vetinger

Sydney Veitinger is 17 years old, and a resident of Savannah, GA.
She is a newley-minted conspiracy theorist and loves bats and abnormal psych. She was traditionally schooled until two years ago when she dove into unschooling.

Jasmijn Zandinga

Jasmijn is a Dutch 14 year old girl who has been in democratic education since age 9. She loves to see the world and learning from different people. She is very enthusiastic about learning and enjoys to talk!

Katie Mitchell


This episode – Co-host, Co-producer
Katie is an 18 year old self directed learner. Throughout the past 4 years, Katie has attended public school, charter school and community college. She has also been unschooled and world schooled. Katie has been worldschooling and interning with Project World School since January of 2016 and has absolutely fallen in love with it. In the fall she will be a freshman at Colorado State University and while a bit nervous about the transition, she is over the moon excited for the new adventure. Katie finds passion and joy in building community, and learning about new people and cultures.


Lainie Liberti

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