For the Love of Learning – Stories of the World… A Dialogue of Learning – #53


For the Love of Learning Episode 53


Show Title:

Stories of the World… A Dialogue of Learning

Monday April 4, 2015  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
Tuesday April 5, 2015 1:00 am – 3:00 am BST


Special Guests:

Bayo Akomolafe
James B Beard
George Kaponay
Anna Metcalf


Show Description:

Throughout history, humans have told stories, sharing their experiences, hopes, and dreams. These narratives distill human thoughts, fears and beliefs that help to shape our understanding of the world around us. Storytelling connects us to our own humanity by linking our past and providing a glimpse into our collective futures. Storytelling makes sense out of chaos and connect us all to our human spirit. Storytelling provide meaning through form, a recognizable beginning, middle and end, allowing us to reflect our own stories too. Storytellers entertain and educate us. They are what make us human. This is why the world needs storytellers.


Bayo Akomolafe

bayoBayo describes himself as a ‘recovering professor’, and is the Initiating/Coordinating Curator of The Emergence Network, Special Envoy of the International Alliance for Localization, a project of Local Futures (USA), as well as Lecturer at Covenant University, Nigeria. The host of the online writing course, ‘We will dance with Mountains: Writing as a Tool for Emergence.’ Bayo is globally recognized for his poetic, unconventional, counterintuitive, and indigenous take on global crisis, civic action and social change. A frequent keynote speaker, Bayo is a Board Member of Mutual Aid Network (Wisconsin, USA) and Real Economy Lab (UK). He has been a guest lecturer at Harvard University (USA), Schumacher College (UK) and Simon Fraser University (Canada). Bayo is writing his second and third book, ‘And We Shall Dance with the Mountains’ and a novel, ‘The Boy Who Stayed Outside’. His speeches and essays have been compiled into a book called ‘The World Alethea Dreamed Of: Yearnings for Home in a Time of Desperate Lostness’.


James B Beard


Jim is a cultural story teller, educator, speaker and author. His book, ‘White Mocs on the Red Road’ describes the value systems developed in Native American cultures many years ago. These values are as valid today as they were when originally embraced.
Jim spent 32 years of his career in the property and casualty insurance business. He sold his general insurance agency in 2003 to devote all his time to Native American Cultural work. For the past twenty five years he has dedicated his life to learning and sharing Native American cultural knowledge given to him by Elders of the Ojibwa/Chippewa tribes. He has presented programs for schools, colleges and communities throughout the Northeast and Canada. He also works on programs with Native American tribes to re-introduce traditional teachings to Native American communities in the Northeast and Canada. Jim is connected with tribal leaders in many areas of the United States and Canada and well respected for his knowledge and sharing of his work.
His white heritage is enhanced by ancient teachings we all once had. He walks a red road in order to better understand the original teachings of all people.
As a Story Teller Jim offers insight to cultural values and personal ethics to aid people in finding ways to improve their lives. The intent of his work is to encourage awareness of cultural enrichment and protection of the environment.

George Kaponay


Bringing projects to life that touch people and create meaning in their lives is a passion for George!

The last five years of his life and the life of his family have been especially dedicated to seeing this become a reality with the creation of a share economy project intended to meet the needs of people on our planet and their continuing journey of EnergeticXChange, a journey around the world dedicated to giving, learning and constantly growing from their experiences.

Sadly, it took George fifteen years of working in high-pressure jobs, and in businesses he co-created, often working over 80 hours a week, at cost to his health and family life, before he was able to realise with the help of his loving wife, that being authentic and following their dream, was always the key to their happiness! Things changed radically and for the better!

As one part of a unit of four people, it is critical that George’s working efforts are consistent with the core values of his family. This way, he can consistently match meaningful work with their core values of love, being together, sustainability, awareness, health, well-being, and their constant dedication to learning and development.

Anna Metcalf


Anna Metcalf is a writer, performer and traveler. She earned her live storytelling chops by sharing stories on stages all over Los Angeles, California. She teaches teen storytelling workshops and is currently working on her first memoir. She is the reigning 2016 Venice Beach, California Mardi Gras Queen. Visit her website at


Lainie Liberti

As always, you can find out more about your host, Lainie Liberti at her website and the alternative education & world schooling project she runs with her teenage son at: You can also connect with her on twitter @ilainie & facebook.

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