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Q&A With Unschooled Kids

For the Love of Learning Episode 71

Monday August 29, 2016 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
Tuesday August 30, 2016 1:00 am – 3:00 am BST


Patrick Harvey-Olson

Alyssa Leahy

James Leahy

Makayla Chicktay

Emily Pearce

Marie Pearce

Sage Richards

Marley Richards

Grace Karkhanis

Neil Karkhanis

Special Guest Host

Martin Harvey-Olson



In this episode we are going to talk with a group of unschooled kids, ask them some questions, and have a great conversation and a lot of fun.

A basic definition of Unschooling is that unschooling is an educational method and philosophy that advocates learner-chosen activities as a primary means for learning.

We will be answering questions that we, as unschoolers, are often asked by people who don’t quite understand what unschooling is all about.


Patrick Harvey-Olson

Patrick Harvey-Olson

My name is Patrick and I am unschooled. I love to sing and dance, make music and make people smile. I also love to draw. When I grow up I want to own a restaurant, be a waiter at a restaurant and be a chef at a restaurant.

Alyssa Leahy

Alyssa Leahy

Alyssa Leahy is 15 Year old from Hackettstown NJ, who enjoys gymnastics, loves video games and everything Nintendo, and is very passionate about music. She plays guitar, bass, and ukulele, and is the bassist of the band Hangman’s Job.

James Leahy

james leahy

James Leahy is an eleven year old from Hackettstown NJ, who enjoys martial arts, gymnastics, gaming and most of all music, he is the guitarist of the band Hangman’s Job and is a hardcore Pokémon Go player.

Makayla Chicktay

Makayla Chicktay

Makayla Chicktay is 9 years old she loves gaming and minecraft she wants to be youtuber its her dream she’s fully unschooled she loves making friends and she’s really friendly she’s more so a “at home” person she lives in South Africa most of her friends live in other places because she makes most of her friends online so she talks to them via skype

written by makayla herself

Makayla’s Minecraft  Channel – ZakoraPlays

Emily  and Marie Pearce

emily and marie pearce

Emily and Marie Pearce are sisters who have been traveling the world with their nomadic family for the past 7 years, visiting over 30 countries. Emily is 12 years old and is an accomplished singer and songwriter, plays guitar and piano, and is currently selling her music on iTunes. Her other interests include make-up artistry, Irish dance, snow, and environmental studies. Her website is Marie is 11 years old and enjoys gymnastics, math, digital art, Animal Jam, and playing with friends as much as possible. Her website is



Sage Richards

sage richards

Sage Richards is a 10-year-old digital artist and language/culture enthusiast who mainly spends her time inside studying said things. She is a quiet and introverted individual who thinks outdoors is grossly over-rated, and enjoys joking around with those she is close to.

Marley Richards

marley richards

Marley Richards is a 12-year-old otaku with aspirations to become a bilingual voice actor and a vocalist within an idol group/unit. She also enjoys writing and designing characters as a hobby (because there are too many ideas in her head). She is currently attending Kpop College online.

Neil and Grace Karkhanis

Neil and Grace Karkhanis

Grace is 10 years old and never went to school until Sept 2015 when she decided to go to the South Jersey Sudbury School. She likes singing, dancing and doing art.

Neil is 13 years old and also did not attend school until Sept 2015 when he decided to go to the South Jersey Sudbury School. He likes performing in plays, politics and creating youtube content.

For the past 10 years, they have been spending their winters in Florida and summers in New Jersey. They love their dog, Buster and cat, Kitty – who also both travel back and forth between FL and NJ.

Sudbury School:
Neil’s youtube channel:

Special Co-Host

Martin Harvey-Olson

Martin Harvey-Olson cropped small

Martin Harvey-Olson is an unschooled kid who is all about creative expression through music. He has been following his passions for years – cosplay, art, martial arts, gymnastics, but most of all music. He has taught himself to play multiple instruments, and is working on mastering multiple musical styles and genres, although his favorite is Rock/Alternative.

Hangman’s Job

ftlol_slide-215x300Lainie Liberti

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