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For the Love of Learning Episode #90

Home Education in Challenging Situations

Monday January 23, 2017  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
Tuesday January 24, 2017 1:00 am – 3:00 am GMT


Tami Stroud
Monique Allison
Karin Harvey-Olson
Marivic C. Tatlonghari
Maggie Simonsen




In tonight’s show, we are going to speak with a panel who are willing to candidly share some of the challenges they face related to their choice to home educate.

I have often heard comments of disbelief from non-home educating parents such as, I am not qualified to teach my kids, I don’t have the patience to homeschool, I couldn’t spend all day with my kids, and my kids need to be around other kids in order to have a social life.

Ok, I’ve heard them all many times before. But rarely do hear objections based on some of the challenges tonight’s panelist face. Tonight we’ll talk about the choice to home educate in spite of financial hardships, single parent responsibilities, living in a small space, limited access to technology, multiple children at home, parent(s) working from home, having a partner not supporting the choice to home education, lack of community, cultural challenges, and more.

We’ve got a lot to talk about and an amazing panel to explore these ideas with.

Tami Stroud

Tami Stroud is the mother to six children, four boys and two girls, ages 12–3. Currently their family lives as expats in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They are originally from Atlanta, Georgia, USA and regularly travel back to there every year.

Her husband works as an educator and their family moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year. Tami and her family have previously lived in Al Ain, UAE, where she worked to establish a local homeschooling group. Most recently, she and her family moved to Riyadh from the remote, Native Alaskan, Cup’ik (pronounced “chew-pick”) village of Chevak, Alaska, USA.

Tami and her family are Christian. She has a passionate interest in fertility awareness, homebirth, and occasionally works as a doula. She also loves sharing her passion for homeschooling and took over as the admin of the Home Educators of Riyadh group on Facebook when the previous admin was leaving the country. She hosts a weekly homeschool meeting for mothers to discuss education theory from a video-of-the-week selection while their children can freely play and socialize. Tami’s family is in their seventh year homeschooling. They currently take an unschooling and worldschooling approach to education. Tami loves the richness of life that unschooling and worldschooling has brought to her and her family’s lives. Sometimes she writes on her blog at Starry-Eyed Pragmatist.

Monique Allison


Monique Allison is a Relationship Clarity Coach. Her personal experience, observation, and insight gained over the years allow her to help women release unhealthy relationships and heal from broken ones in order to love again from a more self-loving and authentic space. Monique is the creator of and lends her knowledge as a contributing writer on relationship topics for Phoenix Shine, The Phoenix Rising Collective’s spirit affirming blog. She is also the mother of her 12-year-old son, Pharaoh, who has several chronic illnesses that he battles, yet still very resilient. They are both currently navigating unschooling and are exciting about this new journey.

Monique’s background/experience is in the non-profit sector working for United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta (UWMA) for 13 years; holding the position as the Quality Assurance Manager. She has achieved a B.A. in Psychology from Clark Atlanta University, is AIRS Certified as an Information & Referral Specialist and attained a Creative Writer Certificate from Kennesaw State University. Monique has also taught life skills to young adults in group homes for two years.

social media info:

Karin Harvey-Olson


Karin Harvey-Olson is a homeschooling/unschooling mother of 4 children.

She works part time as a facilitator for a youth council on disability rights and special healthcare needs. In addition to that Karin and her family provide care for a deaf young adult who lives with them. She is also a certified leader for Attachment Parenting International, and a certified Baby-Wearing instructor.

When not working or spending time with her family, Karin pursues her many passions, including Music, Theater, Attachment parenting, homesteading, natural family living, and all things Disney!

You can read about Karin and her family on their blog,

Recently Karin has also started a band with her husband and kids, and you can hear them at


Marivic C. Tatlonghari


Marivic C. Tatlonghari, called Avic by her friends, is married and mother to a 5-year old daughter. She’s originally from the Philippines and her family is now based in Japan. They came there in 2004 as graduate students and decided to raise a family there.

Marivic studied MA in Economics at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo. Right now she’s a homemaker who works a few hours on the weekend. She spends the rest of the week homeschooling their daughter, writing blogs, and attempting to write a book. They are not using any formal homeschooling curriculum right now because they believe that their daughter can learn through play, outdoor fun and other creative activities. Because homeschooling is not very common in Japan, Marivic and her husband are often asked about their decision to educate their child at home.

Maggie Simonsen


Maggie Simonsen, b.1964, is a Human Being from Planet Earth, residing at the base of the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. She embraces that connections are everything, and that the journey towards a more peaceful and compassionately-articulate society begins from within.

She pursues whole life learning/radical unschooling in partnership with her 9-year-old son, who has two half-sisters in their 20s. The family is blended, and the parents in the process of divorcing, but they are committed to continuing their partnership outside of marriage, as they have been family for nearly two decades.

She says about their lifestyle, We are constantly reminded of our humanness in whole life learning. It is like a truth field runs permanently through our lifestyle. I love this life and the growth that occurs all the time. Flow grows around me!

Maggie blogs at Meaningful Human by MagPie, featuring posts published by Life Learning Magazine, and Mother Support News for the World Association of Breastfeeding Action, and creates items for sale online as MagPie & Cubbie, and in a local Gallery. Links to her various online activities and pages can be found at

This episode is produced by Nina Downer

Episode hosted by Lainie Liberti




Lainie Liberti

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