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For the Love of Learning Episode 57

Home Educating Black Children


Monday May 16, 2016  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
Tuesday May 17, 2016 1:00 am – 3:00 am GMT


Akilah S. Richards
Kamau Mahakoe
Leslie Bray
Tamika Middleton


In tonight’s episode we explore the issues surrounding educating black children. We have a panel of four amazing women, all who share their concerns about making the best and most informed decisions for their children, concerning education, and overcoming some unique obstacles. We explore issues relevant to their lives, what education looks like from within their communities, and how the history of decolonization told through different worldviews effect the stories told and repeated over time. Our panel tonight is committed to changing that story, empowering their lives and the lives of their children through unschooling and homeschooling.


Akilah S. Richards

Akilah S. Richards is a Jamaican mermaid who spends her land time as an independent author, intersectional feminist writer, unschooling mama, and self-expression speaker. The location independent storyteller is a Contributing Writing at Everyday Feminism and has penned pieces for Ravishly, The Mid, For Harriet, Tiny Buddha, and My Brown Baby, among others. Akilah is also the founder of the only summer weekend camp for grown-ass women, offering individual and small group personal retreats with a focus on introvert-styled travel experiences.

Special Projects:
Akilah is hosting an unschooling opening house on the weekend of May 21 through 22, 2016. Details at

Kamau Mahakoe

Kamau Mahakoe is the 2014 recipient of the Marcus Garvey Centennial award (UNIA Jamaica Chapter) for contribution to the field of Education, as well as the 2014 recepient of the “outstanding Educator” Award from the University of Chicago. She is a two-time national adult champion in the Jamaica Library Service National Reading Competition (2005,2009). Kamau has homeschooled her four biological children for nearly two decades, two of whom gained sixteen passes each in the CSEC exams at one sitting (2012, 2014). She continues to homeschool her last child.

Kamau is a passionate and prolific writer who has authored ten books, seven of which are novels. She also enjoys sewing, art and craft, singing and making model houses. Kamau lives in Portmore, Jamaica, where she works as a private tutor.

Leslie Bray

Leslie is an award-winning educator, life-learning coach, community organizer, healer and artist. She taught in the public school system before coming home to start her family. She, her husband and three children are life-learners, enjoying the flexibility it brings. Leslie enjoys reading, writing and all things creative. She thoroughly enjoys assisting parents in making intentional decisions regarding their children’s education. She is founder and co-leader of an Atlanta-based homeschool group — Kid Cultivators Homeschool Community and periodically blogs at Home-Grown Love.

Direct links:

Kid Cultivators Homeschool Community:
Home-Grown Love:

Tamika Middleton

Tamika Middleton is an organizer, birthworker, and homeschooling mama. She is passionate about and active in struggles that affect Black women’s lives. She sometimes performs as a member of The NALO Movement. She is also passionate about birthing and healing, and is the coordinator of Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective.




Lainie Liberti

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