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For the Love of Learning Episode 65

An Evening with 3 Grown Unschoolers

Monday July 11, 2016  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
Tuesday July 12, 2016 1:00 am – 3:00 am GMT


Roya Dedeaux
Katie Patterson
Sarah Pritchett

Special Co-Host

Sue Patterson


Sue Patterson, author, editor, coach and veteran unschooling mom, is stepping in again for this week’s show as Lainie is currently traveling. Tonight we talk with three young adults who were homeschooled during their teen years. They participated in Sue’s book, Homeschooled Teens: 75 Young Adults Speak about their Lives without School and are here to answer the questions everyone wants to know… like:

  • How did they learn?
  • How did they make friends?
  • Did they feel they “missed out” on anything?
  • What are they doing now?

These three grown homeschoolers are going to answer these questions and more! You’ll be surprised at how they made friends, got along with family, and explored unique learning environments. They’re eager to share the benefits and advantages they experienced through homeschooling. Their lives were (and are!) full, rich, and happy.

Bring your doubts—reassurance is on its way!

Roya Dedeaux


Roya Dedeaux is a grown unschooler who lives in Los Angeles with her husband, and 2 year old Wyatt, where she has been enjoying hiking, exploring Hollywood and not keeping up her blog, Little House in the Big Park.

Roya has a Master of Science in Counseling and a Bachelor of Arts in Recreation and Leisure Studies. She is a Marriage and Family Therapist intern, with a private practice in Los Alamitos. She also does long-distance counseling for homeschoolers. Her therapy website is You can also follow her on facebook at Roy Dedeaux, MFTi.

Roya is a professor in the Recreation and Leisure Department at California State University, Long Beach, and loves getting to teach classes about play and leisure!

Roya specializes in art therapy, and has spent most of her life crocheting, knitting, making journals, collaging, and following other artistic pursuits. She is a regular columnist in The Homeschooler Post. Roya sells her hand-crocheted jewelry at her Etsy shop: Royaboya and the fabulous “jewelry habitats” she makes with her (also homeschooled) sisters at Jewelry Habitat.


Katie Patterson


Katie Patterson was born in Dallas, TX, and since her family was active duty military, traveled all around the U.S. exposing her to many interesting people and places. Katie spent most of her teen years acting in community theatre productions, taking dance, vocal, and acting lessons, writing fan fiction, and watching movies. She had several jobs as a teen, working at the local bookstore, the local movie theater, and at her acting school.

At 18, Katie became intrigued with the art of film acting and signed on with a talent agency in San Antonio. She worked on a few commercial projects and then wrapped her first feature film in November 2010, Butcher Boys, screenplay by Kim Henkle (Texas Chainsaw Massacre.) Katie’s IMDB

Katie continued to pursue the art of film acting as well as theatre. She completed several semesters at Austin Community College (ACC), but decided to apply to various conservatories around the country to improve her acting skills. In 2011, Katie left Texas for New York City, and studied film acting at the New York Film Academy (NYFA). She completed her second year of film acting in Los Angeles, graduating from NYFA with an Associate degree in Fine Arts.

Katie continues to live and work in Los Angeles, California. Currently, she is filming several short films, writing new sketches with PiePie Productions, and playing the voices of Apple Blossom and Screwball in the YouTube audio drama, “Daughter of Discord“. You can stay current with Katie’s work at her website: Katie Patterson or
Katie’s FB Page.

Sarah Pritchett

Sarah Pritchett

Sarah homeschooled her whole life. Her family lives in Austin, Texas, but frequently traveled to Chicago and Los Angeles as her father was active in the movie industry. Sarah spent most of her teen years participating in her local homeschool support group, Austin Area Homeschoolers, playing soccer weekly, acting with the Zach Scott Theatre classes and dancing at Ballet Austin. Sarah learned the Lindy Hop dance style at 14, and went on to be an organizer for Lindy events, a part-time teacher at 17, traveling to DC, New Orleans, and around the country competing and taking even more Lindy Hop lessons.

Sarah adores children – and they adore her too! She was a nanny for 10 years. She has taken a little break from her widely popular Instagram account @BeetBeat where she photographed fabulous healthy homemade and gluten free meal ideas!

Sarah unschooled until she started at Austin Community College at 16. She graduated with an associate degree in English.

In 2015, Sarah moved to Malmo, Sweden, to study Human Rights. She will be starting her second year in exchange in Indonesia after the fall. Her intention is to earn a degree in Human Rights and work at the UN or in an international non-government organization.



Sue Patterson


This episode’s special host:

Sue Patterson, wife (of 29 years) and mom to three grown homeschoolers, began their home education journey in 1996 when they discovered schools were not going to be a good fit. After 20 years of helping families around the world and connecting with other parents in person and online, Sue continues to share her insights and experiences with the homeschooling/unschooling community in a variety of ways.

A homeschooling coach and unschooling mentor, Sue works with parents who are frustrated with their current educational approach. She provides the information they are looking for and helps them create a homeschooling plan that will actually work. Find out more about working with Sue at And, if you’re a new homeschooler, she has created a special support/mentoring program tailored just for the new folks: Chaos to Confidence.

Sue is the editor of The Homeschooler Post, an free online publication helping families explore various concepts about homeschooling, learning and parenting. She self-published her book, Homeschooled Teens, in October 2015. If you have fears about the teen years, you’ll want to read what 75 young people have to say about their lives. Homeschooled Teens is at Amazon and also available through Sue’s website.

Sue is active on social media, hosting the widely popular Facebook group, Unschooling Mom2Mom along with the curated website . Join her there, on Instagram @UnschoolingMom2Mom, or Twitter @Sue5.



Lainie Liberti

As always, you can find out more about your host, Lainie Liberti at her website and the alternative education & world schooling project she runs with her teenage son at: You can also connect with her on twitter @ilainie & facebook.

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