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For the Love of Learning Episode #96

Emotional Intelligence

Monday March 6, 2017, 8pm-10pm EST
Tuesday March 7, 2017, 1am-3am GMT


Kathy Brown
Ceci Hyoun
Brigitte Kupfer
Anna Partridge



What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the capability of individuals to recognize their own, and other people’s emotions, to discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, and to manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt environments or achieve one’s goals.

Studies have shown that people with high emotional intelligence have greater mental health, job performance, leadership skills and of course greater ability to learn.


Kathy Brown


Kathy and her husband, Joe, wanted to parent differently than they had experienced and witnessed. They researched parenting practices that met their need to treat their son with kindness and constant respect — even when he cried, threw temper tantrums or “misbehaved.”

By the time Justin, now 20 years old, was “school age” they had already observed how well he learned on his own. They also had been practicing non-punitive discipline from the start. Kathy and Joe believed emotions weren’t wrong or bad, they just needed to be felt and heard safely. Knowing that the educational system wasn’t ready to adopt new ideas around learning, discipline and emotions, they chose to unschool.

Overcoming decades of avoiding and suppressing their own emotions while trying to accept all of Justin’s emotions was – and continues to be – challenging, especially in a society that doesn’t value healthy emotional expression and is entrenched in punitive practices. But it becomes easier with support, resources and practice.

In an effort to find local support during Justin’s childhood years, Kathy founded Parenting the Soul, a grassroots organization to provide parents and child care professionals with tools, techniques and new perspectives to help them better care for children and the “child’ within themselves. She also wrote a parenting column for a local women’s magazine on her personal challenges with raising a son compassionately. Kathy also created courses for homeschooled children to help them understand and process negative emotions safely, and offered support for parents to help facilitate safe emotional release in the home. In addition, she spearheaded an alternative educational program based on several concepts she holds dear: non-punitive discipline, natural learning, the acceptance of emotional release, and Non-violent Communication, which focuses on making observations instead of judgments and identifying feelings and needs.

Kathy’s real education came after Justin’s birth but before becoming a parent she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications and spent 10 years as a reporter and editor at the Tampa Tribune.

For more information, support, and resources on the benefits of healthy emotional release, you can check out Kathy’s Facebook page that she’s had for seven years called, “For Crying Out Loud,” at

Ceci Hyoun


Ceci lives in Venice Beach, California with her husband and two children. Seeking a way to ease the hard, emotional work of parenting, she was grateful to find Hand in Hand Parenting in 2011.

While working in the time-intensive field of film editing, she used the Hand in Hand tools to connect meaningfully with her children despite their very limited time together. Embracing the power of connection and learning to listen to children’s emotions, she watched her entire family transform and become more connected and playful. She credits Hand in Hand with nothing less than giving her the emotional tools to parent well and to save her family!

Ceci is passionate about sharing these tools because connected families have more fun, more joy and are the foundation of a more connected and just society. She sees the work of parenting with connection as a revolutionary one and sees changing the life of one child, one family as a triumph in the war against dysfunction and disconnection. She enjoys sharing Hand in Hand with all parents and child caregivers and especially those with children who are homeschooled, highly sensitive, emotionally intense, asynchronously developing and the gifted as well as supporting families healing from the effects of trauma.

Together with her husband, Ceci part-time homeschools their two children with the support of a hybrid homeschool charter school. She gives regular talks at her children’s school and also to her local community in the westside of Los Angeles. She is slowly working on the translation of the Listening to Children Booklets into Korean with the help of her parents. Her biggest fans of her Hand in Hand work are her children who wonder, “Why can’t all grown-ups listen to feelings?”

Look for Ceci’s upcoming events and classes on her Facebook page or send her an email at:

Brigitte Kupferbrigitte-kupfer

Brigitte has been working in arts and cultural change projects as a puppeteer and poet in Europe and later as a psychologist in Germany, USA and Australia. She left her career as clinical and research psychologist 21 years ago after a “wake-up” experience, realising how personal and planetary health are linked and that she no longer wanted to participate in a system which was not life-affirming (like the psychiatric system and medical model). This was a huge leap towards aliveness and she sees her personal transformation as part of the planetary shift.

Since then Brigitte has been guided by her intuition and learning to trust life which led her to discover Australia, her life partner and a few years later at the age of 44 motherhood.

Choosing to become a mother consciously, experiencing the power of birthing with a gentle birth at home and continuing the amazing co-learning journey as a parent has been an empowering experience on the one side, and on the other an eye-opening and challenging one, facing our culture’s standardisation, commodification and pathologising  of childhood.

Brigitte has worked as a relationship psychologist and couple therapist in Australia but her focus is on systemic change and environMental education. She is an experiMentor and host, cultivating conversational intelligence, participatory leadership and community well-being. She has worked with school and community groups.  One of her current projects is a Parents Initiative, a community which sees the parent as the learner in their role as an evolutionary transition leader .(PILLARS: Parents Initiative for Lifelong Learning And Resilient Societies)

Anna Partridge


Anna Partridge is a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, a school teacher and a mother to three highly spirited, beautiful children. She loves nothing more than helping parents raise resilient and confident children, build strong and connected family relationships and strive for calm, fun and happy families.

Anna completed a Bachelor of Communications in 1999 and worked as a Public Relations professional in both Australia and London across many and varied industries and organisations. On the way home from London in 2002, she spent 4 months trekking across Africa and fell in love with the idea of one day being a school teacher.

She came back to Australia, met the man she would marry and had her first child in 2005. She went back to University and completed her Bachelor of Education in 2007 when her children were small and taught at a lovely Independent school in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Being part of the PR team of a non-profit organization taught her invaluable skills for working with some of Sydney’s most marginalized people including empathy, compassion and resilience.

In 2014, Anna started the mummy blog, to stay abreast of the parenting and education world and provide information on raising kids well. It was so popular, she left her PR job in February 2015 and started her business, Positive Parenting with Anna Partridge working with parents to raise confident and resilient kids through online courses, workshops, resources and in person.

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Lainie Liberti

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