For the Love of Learning – EDUshifts Now! – Epi#103


For the Love of Learning Episode #103


Monday May 8, 2017, 8pm-10pm EDT

Tuesday May 9, 2017, 1am-3am BST


Philippe Greier
Kū Kahakalau
Ira Branitskaya
Floris Koot

Hosted by:
Lainie Liberti 



Tonight, we are going to talk to the visionary behind the project EDUshifts Now! – Collective Book Initiative whose mission is to create social momentum around the most promising developments in education by connecting thousands of people who can and are changing education.

By the end of 2017 , the ideas is to connect 10,000 educators committed to creating human-centered education starting with the first 1000 EDUshifters that support this social experiment. The grand vision of the project is to make positive transformation of our society and its implications on our educational systems visible.


Project Links:


Guests’ Bios:

Philippe Greier

Philippe is a professional hippie and social artist who enjoys playful challenges, oneness and collaboration. The question he aks himself is: How can we be the transformation that we need in our world? What triggers him is discovering and experimenting new spaces and ways to live together and to collaborate. Put him in self-organized and non-hierarchical processes and he’ll go with the flow. It’s about finding the protected place within us and expand our impact and influence by bonding and creating trust and harmony. He feels most motivated in disruptive environments, where people take on ownership and make the impossible happen.
Over the recent past Philippe has co-founded the NGO presente! (, initated the conscious leadership program Edu on Tour ( and the 24h education hackathon (, a distributed game changing event for education.
Philippe is the idea giver and initiator of the national conferences of alternative education in Brazil CONANE. He is also the initiator and one of the driving forces of the international community to the transformation of education EDUshifts and he’s the co-founder of the virtual p2p community learning platform

Floris Koot

Floris Koot (58) is a Play Engineer active in many fields. He co-founded a revolutionary school (Knowmads), developed a sport that breaks all the conventions (Switchball) and invented a piano method (learn to play freely in 15 minutes)! He trains and facilitates innovative processes.

He believes ‘we’ only win when everyone wins. Globally many people and organizations seek to work so that the whole will flourish through their activity. Floris contributes to this Gentle Revolution happening. He helps individuals and organizations to become more playful, free and purpose driven.
More on and through:
On being part of the change:
On making some of my work experiential
Personal collection to change education:

Kū Kahakalau

Dr. Kū Kahakalau is an award-winning native Hawaiian educator, song-writer, story teller, researcher, grassroots activist, cultural practitioner, expert in Hawaiian language, history and culture and pioneer in Indigenous education. An extraordinary visionary and educational change agent, Aunty Kū draws from ancient Hawaiian traditions to promote hands-on learning in the environment, responsible land stewardship, community sustainability and Hawaiian independence.
Kū is currently in the process of developing EA (Education with Aloha) Ecoversity, a Hawaiian-focused center for higher learning that transitions Indigenous youth into happy, successful, thriving kanaka (Hawaiians) and responsible global citizen.

Ira Branitskaya

Ira is the co-founder of a new generation school “Papaya”, a developer of a transforming education system, and an implementer of new approaches to school education. She’s the co-founder of the Papaya cognitive camp, author and founder of the “smart start” educational project. She’s currently engaged in development of a private school, camp, as well as being an activist of the educational movement in Ukraine.
Ira came into the educational sphere from the sphere of marketing and television at a time when the country was at war. Work on national and international channels gave her an understanding of what people, their interests and perceptions are.
The situation that exists in Ukraine is very logically explained by the level of education that exists, which turns off people’s ability to think critically, the ability to analyze and assess the situation. When the system prepares people to just be parts in one big mechanism, when the individuality is lost, the inability to see the long-term perspective inevitably leads to a loss of the ability to see global meanings. It was these facts that influenced Ira’s choice to change the line of activity and go into the educational sphere.


This episode is produced by Nina Downer

Hosted by Lainie Liberti

Lainie Liberti

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