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For the Love of Learning Episode 64


Monday July 4, 2016  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
Tuesday July 5, 2016 1:00 am – 3:00 am BST


Zakiyya Ismail
Sergio “Yeyo” Beltrán Arruti
Luminara King



Today, most that choose unschooling do so consciously. However there are aspects related to unschooling that connect to our subconscious. Most new families that come to unschooling, experience old belief systems coming up through their interactions with their children and themselves that are not consistent with the unschooling philosphy. Bringing attention and awareness to these thought and behavior patterns and making a conscious choice to change these old paradigms of thinking is a crucial part of unschooling. Many refer to this process of examining and letting go of their old beliefs systems as the process of deschooling.

What is deschooling?

Deschooling specifically refers to a period time that requires adjustments in the thinking from the family and children just after they’ve been removed from school settings. Some experts believe the period of time needed for children is a month equal to the years they have been in traditional school. For example, if a child went to school through the 6 grade, it would take six months of deschooling before the child is free from school-based thinking.

But for the parents, deschooling can last much longer. Parents need to unlearn concepts and beliefs about the nature and purpose of education. Mostly that translates to how unschooling parents must move into facilitaor or partnership role with their children in regards to their education versus the standing in the traditional role of a teacher.

Deschooling is important for those transitioning out of formal education as children and parents need time to adjust to the new arrangement. Tonight’s episode is an indepth exploration of the deschooling process.


Zakiyya Ismail


Zakiyya Ismail is a mother of 3 self directed learners and she is herself a recovering schooler. She lives in South Africa. She is passionate about the Freedom of Children and about Rethinking Education, Schooling and Learning. She provides support to parents looking to deschool and embark on a self directed learning path. For this she manages quite an active facebook group for Unschooler in South Africa, organises an annual Unschoolers Camp (5 years running) and is working on putting together South Africa’s first conference for Self Directed Learners. She has also recently joined the Alliance for Parenting Education in Africa to help implement their ideals of building compassionate, emphatic and supported parents in under resourced communities.

Sergio “Yeyo” Beltrán Arruti


Sergio Beltrán Arruti –better known as Yeyo– was born and raised in México City. He moved to Oaxaca in 1997 to support and learn from indigenous communities. Sergio is Co-founder of Universidad de la Tierra en Oaxaca (Unitierra) and Herramientas para el Buen Vivir, AC. Through his work in the non-profit sector he has developed a deep respect for the capacity people have to make a good life (buen vivir) for themselves when they are able to freely take responsibility for their own communities.

He studied and walked out from Latin American Studies at Mexico’s national university, UNAM. From 2004 to 2005 he was a grantee of the UNESCO program Search and Research.

In 2010 he was part of the pioneering team of the Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations in Spanish, and has hosted and organized multiple intercultural encounters around the world using these tools for dialogue.

Sergio is a fierce spiritual warrior who stands for peace, and for the rights and capacities of people everywhere. Currently, is focusing his efforts on encouraging people to take responsibility for their own garbage, promote and support alternatives for real learning, community communication experiments around the world and helping people to recover the capacity to create the future they want to live in. Since 2013 he is part of the contributors team at the YIP program in the Rudolf Steiner Seminariet in Järna Sweden.

Luminara King


As a former teacher, Luminara witnessed how children’s creativity and individual talents were ignored and their love of learning corroded. Inspired by free thinkers such as Sir Ken Robinson, John Holt, John Taylor Gatto and A. S. Neill, she became a passionate advocate for the transformation of the current education system of “One Size Fits All” and children’s rights. Luminara and her family moved away from traditional, structured learning towards autonomous learning and living free. Luminara now works as an Unschooling and Conscious Parenting Coach helping other families find the freedom and joy their deserve. She is also a published Author, Artist and facilitator to her two children’s Unschooling life.


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Lainie Liberti

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