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Monday May 1st, 2017, 8pm-10pm EDT

Tuesday May 2nd, 2017, 1am-3am BST


Jane Barron
Aaron Silver
Ari Silver

Co-Hosted by:
Lainie Liberti 
& Miro Siegel



Tonight, we are going to talk about Cross Cultural Identities and Third Culture Kids. No generation before now has had so many of its members simultaneously living in, between, and among countless cultural worlds as is happening today.

What are third cultural kids? First we must understand how we are addressing cultural identification.

The First Culture:
Usually the home or passport culture (more often the same as the parents’ but not always)

The Second Culture:
All the places a child has lived

The Third Culture:
The shared lifestyle of the expatriate community. As early as the 1950s, people who had moved overseas for their career (as opposed to immigrants). Continuing in the 21st Century, expatriates (also known as expats) form a lifestyle that is different from the host or home culture but common to them all in that particular setting. A Third Culture Kid is a person who has spent a significant part of his or her first eighteen years of life accompanying parents into a country or countries outside their passport country due to the parent’s choice of work or elected travel.

Many have heard of TCK, but the term Cross Cultural Kids or CCK isn’t used as often. The CCK is a little different than the traditional TCK. According to Ruth van Reken -quote, “a Cross Cultural Kid (CCK) is a person who is living or has lived in – or meaningfully interacted with – two or more cultural environments for a significant period of time during the first eighteen years of life.”

The term Cross Cultural Kid is the umbrella name for many variations of CCKs including:

  • Domestic Cross Cultural Kid
  • Bi/Multi-cultural or Bi/Multi-racial Children
  • Children of Borderlanders
  • Children of Immigrants
  • Children of Minorities
  • Children of Refugees
  • International Adoptees
  • Educational Cross Cultural Kids
  • Why are these classifications important?

They deal with identity development.


Guests’ Bios:

Jane Barron

Jane Barron (BA Dip Ed, MEd) is a Youth Intercultural Transition Specialist and Culturally Responsive Educator driven to improve emotional, social and educational outcomes for cross-cultural students and their families. Her experience as an educator of 24 years in both international and local schools, a parent of two cross-cultural children, a child of a domestically mobile family and now, a repatriate to Australia, inform her work. She has seen and understands the impact of moving across cultures upon individuals.

Founder of Globally Grounded, Jane is dedicated to supporting students crossing cultures, their families and those who educate them as they navigate through the triumphs and challenges associated with cross-cultural  domestic and/or international transitions. This may be from one country to another, one state to another, one city to another or from one subculture to another such as indigenous to non-indigenous, rural to urban, family home to boarding school and vice versa. Jane consults to international and local schools, families and students crossing cultures – developing their understanding of the impact of cross-cultural mobility, designing programs and implementing support mechanisms to enhance learning and life.

Jane is a Steering Committee Member of the Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN) organisation, a Member of Families in Global Transition and is currently undertaking a scholarship with the Parfitt Pascoe Writing Residency. Her writing has been published in International Teacher Magazine, International School Magazine and The International Educator and she blogs at Globally Grounded.
Follow her on:
Twitter – @GloballygroundD
Facebook – Globally Grounded
Linked In – Jane Barron

Ari and Aaron Silver

Ari and Aaron Silver have been traveling in a variety of ways since leaving their San Francisco Bay Area home in 2007. They’ve lived in communal ski-lease, an 8,000 square foot mansion, a 150 square foot RV, and several homes and Air-BnBs since. They spent 2 years touring the USA living fulltime in RV, have taken multiple trips to Mexico and Canada, and have backpacked and house-sat through Italy, Greece, Turkey, England, and Ireland. Their entrepreneurial and self-directed learning, combined with nomadic and sometimes minimalist existence means that there really is no one culture they claim anymore. When asked where they are from, they still say California, but that is usually for politics and expediency than anything else, because they haven’t lived there in nearly a decade. Instead, they consider themselves global citizens, absorbing what resonates from everywhere they go.


Special Co-Host Miro Siegel

Miro Siegel is an 18 year old traveler and youth facilitator forProject World School. His learning is self directed and influenced by the ever changing world around him. To him, this is Worldschooling. He is interested in, and is an advocate for children’s rights, travel as education and a spearhead of the Worldschooling movement that he and his mother helped create. Miro Siegel traveled to Amsterdam in April, 2016 to present at theTEDxAmsterdamED conference and to bring a slightly more ‘unconventional’ view to the table. He aspires to bring cultural awareness and immersion to more people, because he truly believes that travel can bring peace to the world and inspire learning without measure.

You can follow Miro’s poetry here at Seagull’s Den


This episode is produced by Nina Downer

Hosted by Lainie Liberti

Lainie Liberti

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