For the Love of Learning – Conscious Communication – Epi#110


For the Love of Learning Episode #110

Conscious Communication

Monday July 24, 2017, 6:30pm-8:30pm EDT

Monday July 24, 2017, 11:30pm-1:30am BST

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Lori Petro
Nanci Nott
Nova Om
Margaret Simonsen
Angelina Hart

Hosted by:
Lainie Liberti


In tonight’s episode we’ll explore conscious communication and explore the way we communicate with one another and the effects it has on children, parents, families, and even learning.

The key principle of conscious communication is making it as easy as possible for another person to meet one’s needs by asking for the specific behavior that will fulfill it. This isn’t an inborn gift but a learnable skill, and many are not adept at expressing their needs, perpetuated within families, classrooms and worldplaces throughout an individual’s life.

What are the consequences of not learning conscious communication?

When people feel vulnerable, they commonly compensate by becoming demanding and threatening, believing that forcefulness will increase the likelihood of getting what they want. This approach generally has the opposite effect, often times leaving all parties frustrated.

Can this frustration effect learning? Is conscious communication a life skill that should be taught and practiced by everyone? We’ll ask these questions and more tonight with an an amazing panel.


Guests’ Bios:

Lori Petro

Lori Petro founded TEACH through Love as a vehicle to empower adults with new tools for communicating with kids. She is a sought-after speaker, trainer, and compassionate parent educator known for her practical communication tools. Lori has dedicated her work to helping parents become the calm, confident leaders they want to be through conscious parenting inspiration, education, and support.

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Nanci Nott

Nanci Nott is the author of ‘Zany Circus: Paradox’, and co-host of The Literate Child podcast. She is an unschooling mum to three quirky people, who teach her more about life every day.

Nova Om

As far back as Nova can remember, she’s been a soul work spelunker – diving into the deep caverns of who she is and what she is here for. As a Soul Alignment coach, she is here to help others reconnect to their deep level alignment, to live from there, to traject from there, to design their life from the inside out from there. Although, she specializes in certain mediums, her special magic is in her presence, her energy, her deep connection. She credits mamahood – specifically revolutionizing her way of showing up as a mama – for her capacity to hold deeply rooted space for herself, her clients, her loved ones, and the world.


Margaret Simonsen

Margaret Simonsen, b.1964, is an authentic-seeking human imprinting at the base of the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. Known as Maggie by most, she embraces that connections are everything, and that the journey towards a more peaceful and compassionately-articulate society begins from within and spirals out.

She pursues whole life evolution without school in partnership with her nearly 10-year-old son.

Maggie blogs at Process, featuring posts published by Life Learning Magazine, and Mother Support News for the World Association of Breastfeeding Action. In recent and past lives, she has blogged as meaningful human by MagPie, and maggieorganizingchaos.

An artist and a writer, she creates when she can and evolves often. She also offers a variety of writing services via freelance. Process can be found at


Angelina Hart


Angelina Hart is currently the founder and Director of Organic Beginnings Preschool.  She has been in the field of early childhood for nearly 30 years and considers herself to be a preschool revolutionary.  She is a teacher trainer working primarily on making the classroom a more respectful, peaceful and comforting place for children to be.  Her past endeavors have included The Little Travelers and teaching classes through Soul Centered Parenting.  She is mother to 2 teenage daughters, who’ve spent half of their years in Waldorf schools (5 different ones) and unschooling while world traveling.
Instagram: angelina_n_hart


This episode is produced & hosted by Lainie Liberti


Lainie Liberti

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