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For the Love of Learning Episode 55

Grown Unschoolers

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Monday April 18, 2016  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
Tuesday April 19, 2016 1:00 am – 3:00 am GMT


Michael Patterson
Jared Martin
Rose Sorooshian-Harrington


Sue Patterson, author, editor and veteran unschooling mom, is stepping in for this week’s show as Lainie is currently traveling. Tonight we talk with three young adults who were homeschooled during their teen years. They participated in Sue’s book, Homeschooled Teens: 75 Young Adults Speak about their Lives without School and are here to answer the questions everyone wants to know… like:

  • How did they learn?
  • How did they make friends?
  • Did they feel they “missed out” on anything?
  • What are they doing now?

These three grown homeschoolers are going to answer these questions and more! You’ll be surprised at how they made friends, got along with family, and explored unique learning environments. They’re eager to share the benefits and advantages they experienced through homeschooling. Their lives were (and are!) full, rich, and happy.

Bring your doubts—reassurance is on its way!

About Your Host…

sueSue has three grown unschooled “children” who are now 27, 25 and 22. Her husband was in the military and they moved several times while they were raising their family. With each move, Sue and her family connected with families, parents and children joining multiple support groups, homeschool communities and occasionally starting their own when none of the options available fit her family. She and her family went to numerous conferences around the country, listened to speakers, met other families, shared stories and became well versed in the world of home education.

Sue has taken all that experience and created a coaching practice where she is a homeschooling consultant and an unschooling mentor. She works with parents who are frustrated with their current educational approach, and provides the information they need to create a homeschooling plan that will actually work.
For more information on working with Sue, or sign up for her free newsletter:

Sue hosts the Unschooling Mom2Mom Facebook group with nearly 8000 members! She has created an enormous website, , full of resources, links, and info. Sue is also the Managing Editor for The Homeschooler Post – – now sharing articles online for free to help families learn more about learning and parenting.

Sue has recently published the book Homeschooled Teens – where she interviewed 75 teens and young adults from 15-39 about their lives as homeschooled teenagers. Readers are finding Homeschooled Teens to be a reassuring look at what the “high school” years can hold for adolescents. Her book is available at Amazon or at her self-publishing website. She is offering a free chapter (PDF) at her website.

Michael Patterson

MichaelMichael Patterson is 27, born in Austin, Texas, and grew up in a military family. He went to preschool, Kindergarten and 1st grade in public school – all of which left him unhappy with the boredom of the classroom and he was quickly losing his love for learning. Between his family’s move from San Antonio to Alaska, they decided to try out homeschooling… “school-in-a-box” to be specific. It didn’t take long to realize that Michael, along with his 2 sisters, would learn best through unschooling. With each move, he and his family embraced the adventures that each new setting brought: ice hockey in Alaska, horseback riding and vet care in California, ranching in Texas, all contributed to his feeling that unschooling allowed him to have an unrestrained education.  He wasn’t held back from his interests and curiosities. Michael’s interest in other cultures and travel led him to Japan as an exchange student. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Texas State University with a degree in Journalism and a minor in Anthropology/Archaeology, he spent two years in the Peace Corps teaching English to high school teachers in a remote area of Nicaragua. He met and married his wife Kathya in Nicaragua and now they have recently bought a house in Dallas, Texas, where he works for Boy Scouts of America.

Jared Martin


JaredJared Martin is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker. He began making films at the age of 8 using Star Wars action figures and stop-motion animation. By age 14, Martin had shot and directed a short documentary about a group of Sudanese refugees known as The Lost Boys, which played at numerous film festivals across the country and garnered four awards. A homeschooler for a majority of his childhood, Martin feels that this alternative educational choice aided his discovery of and interest in the art allowing him to fully live his life’s passion, which ultimately drove him towards film school and his future career. He now works professionally in post-production as a film editor. His creative influences and role models include: Billy Wilder, Errol Morris, Christopher Guest, Angus Wall, and George Lucas. Jared is a USC School of Cinematic Arts alumnus.

Rose Harrington-Sorooshian

roseRose Harrington-Sorooshian is a grown unschooler, who never attended a K-12 school. She has a degree in Deaf Studies from California State University, Northridge, and currently lives in Cypress, with her husband. Rose teaches American Sign Language, math, and science to homeschoolers, and works at the North Orange County Community College District teaching vocational and life skills to adults with intellectual disabilities. She loves to play table top games, watch and coach soccer, read and write novels, and try new things. She holds a third-degree black belt in Kyin Kung Fu, and has been teaching others the love of martial arts for almost ten years.


Lainie Liberti

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