For the Love of Learning – Wonderful Worldschooling Single Moms – #45

For the Love of Learning Episode 45



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For the Love of Learning Episode 45

Wonderful Worldschooling Single Moms

Monday December 28, 2015  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
Tuesday December 29, 2015 1:00 am – 3:00 am GMT


Amanda Blizzard
Amber Rose
Crystal Blue
Joy Clein

In this episode we are going to have a conversation with four incredible single moms, all of whom are worldschooling their children.

Just what is Worldschooling?
On the most basic level, worldschooling is the act of learning from the world around us.

Although there are no hard and fast rules to become a worldschooler, many worldschoolers include travel as a way to inspire experiential learning. Many who identify with the “worldschooling” label use formal curriculum as they travel and consider themselves as traveling homeschoolers or roadschoolers. Then there are those who move to a new country and place their children into a foreign school as their form of worldschooling. There are even worldschoolers who live a stationary life but take trips to expose their children to the world around them while maintaining a homebase. There are also unschoolers who use no set curriculum at all, and allow the world, interests and passions to be the sole source of inspiration.  There are no right or wrong ways to worldschool, and each family defines what works best for them.

Besides tonight’s panelists all being worldschoolers, they are also all single moms taking this journey with their children. Besides the inspirational women on tonight’s panel, I too (the host)  also happen to be single worldschooling mom. We guarantee a truly inspirational conversation.

Amanda Blizzard

12294827_10156338192500323_1984326871212642819_nAmanda has spent most of her life in a small city near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She became a mom at 16 and a radical unschooler and world-schooler at 28. She and her teen son recently made the decision to travel full time, and became ‘Home-free’ 6 months ago. Their adventure began with a 6 month road trip around USA in their little Toyota Echo. Now, while taking a break to spend Christmas with family in Alberta, they are plotting where to go next!


Amber Rose


Enthusiastic Life Adventurer
Grew up in Texas, moved to the San Francisco bay area in high school & lived there
for the next 15 years. When I had my amazing son at age 30, I started my own business so I could raise Riley & be with him every day. In the 2nd grade we decided to try online school for Riley, as this was a better fit for his fun, funky & energetic personality! World travel was a lifelong dream of mine, so we decided, since my business is all done virtually & so was his education, to start traveling. We bought an RV, worked all over the Pacific Northwest for 1.5 years & then sold the RV to go international. The last couple of years of our lives have been an amazing adventure full of exploration, discovery & finding our style of worldschooling! Our adventure has transformed me so dramatically, now I’m working to become a life coach, who will assist others to realize their worldschooling & travel dreams. I’m a passionate advocate for global citizenship & worldschooling as path to peace & a better life for our children & ourselves! I cannot wait to help other make this life their life!


Crystal Blue

Founder, Enlightened Globetrekker & Enlightened Globetrekker Adventures Avid adventurer, world traveler, cultural anthropologist, expedition guide, writer, yogi, life lover

12313586_10154344566739838_1411878872035494103_nCrystal left the USA 3 years ago to follow her dreams, reconnect with her daughter, and redesign her life to be one perspective, adventure, love, freedom, and happiness. Crystal has become an international inspirational figure from her mindful living articles found on elephant journal that represent global parenting, mindful travel, and conscious perspective. From this, the Enlightened Globetrekker philosophy and brand was born. She now plays an active role in directing Enlightened Globetrekker affairs, designs and leads retreats around the world, practices yoga daily, and raises 8 year old daughter River. Last year Crystal was living in the South Pacific. Having just completed a world tour, she has now made her home base in Tulum, Mexico. Crystal created Enlightened Globetrekker Adventures: Adventures for the Body, Mind, and Soul in order to encourage the accessibility of an inspirational lifestyle for all, internally and externally, focusing on travel, adventure, nature, grounded living, culture and equality, simplicity, humanitarian spirit, balance, honoring the heart, and achieving and experiencing happiness, success, freedom, and dreams.


Joy Clein

joy2I am a single mom with 2 sons, ages 11 3/4 and 12 3/4 (both adopted from China). We live in Fairbanks, Alaska, and travel as much as we can. We have traveled for 3-9 months for the last 4 winters, to several places in the U.S and abroad, including Central America, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico. We have plans to travel to Israel and Egypt next fall and winter. Over the years, our approach to education has changed and evolved as we all learn about what works best for our family.

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Lainie Liberti

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  1. So very fun for me to see that I’m not completely insane…just a little crazy. My 10yo daughterand I take off this next week for our next adventure in SE Asia. I’d love more conversations with you! The website below hasn’t been started yet….just ready to go.


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