For the Love of Learning – Alternatives in Education – Epi# 1

For the Love of Learning – Voices of the Alternative Education Movement – Episode #1


Deb Martens, Homeschoolling parent & graduate student at Self Design Graduate Institute
Bruce Smith, Former Public School Teacher and Founder of Friends of Sudbury Schooling,
Susie Maguire, Unschooling & Worldschooling Parent & Corporate Consultant and founder of the Love@Work series

This marks the  premier of CCN’s latest show, For the Love of Learning, Voices of the Alternative Education Movement.

Every week Lainie Liberti will explore the voices within the alternative education movement with a panel of guests representing different perspectives. We will not focus on what is wrong with the current system, rather focus on alternative solutions so that you and your family can empower yourselves with options. Listen to voices of visionaries, change makers and ordinary extraordinary people who do what they do, for the love of learning.

This week Lainie exchanges thoughts, ideas exploring the three different modalities within the alternative education movement. In this show we explore self design learning, learning communities, democratic education and Sudbury model and finally unschooling and world schooling.

Guest Bios

Deb Martens

Deb was born and raised in southern California, graduated from Minnesota State University, Moorhead with a sociology degree and lived in northern Idaho for many years. She is now a “transplant” and lives on the prairies in Manitoba, Canada (not too far from Winnipeg). Currently she is working on her master’s degree in Self Design (building learning communities) through Self Design Graduate Institute.

Deb home-schools with her daughter and ascribes to self-designing her education (learner directed, pursuing passions). Their motto is, “the world is our classroom.” Following this flow of education has recently led the mother/daughter duo to become doulas. Indeed, engaging in this genre of education is engaging, encourages being present, and embraces lifelong learning! Deb is also a visionary who is community and globally minded. Her family has recently become world travellers and is embarking on their next adventure in March!

Deb loves her family (husband, two sons, and two daughters) and her life on the prairies. She enjoys the many wonders of nature and paleo/natural cooking. She’s an avid reader and writer. She appreciates the “communities” she’s richly involved in and is blessed when she can hear just one more story from a friend (old or new) over a cup of java. &

Bruce Smith

A former public school teacher, Bruce L. Smith has worked at Sudbury schools in four states over the past 17 years (primarily Alpine Valley School in Colorado). In 2005 he created an organization now known as Friends of Sudbury Schooling to enhance awareness and support for this uniquely democratic model of self-directed learning, first developed by Sudbury Valley School in 1968. Bruce tweets as @numbalum89 and blogs at

Susie Maguire

Susie Maguire is devoted to bringing more love into the world by every means imaginable – doing only work that she loves, following the longings of her heart wherever if may take her, or whatever it calls her to do (even if it means jumping over the odd cliff edge into the complete unknown) raising her son William to follow his heart in all aspects of his life, giving him an education that is 100% love based learning and by doing lots of little acts of love for friends, family and complete strangers. She believes in magic and miracles and the restorative power of pluff and naps. She also believes the world is a wonderful place and human beings are quite the most lovely bunch and is 100% confident that humanity is on the verge of figuring out how to be really nice to each other all the time.

She founded and built an international management consultancy that worked with some of the world’s most amazing corporations all around the globe before exhausting herself and giving it all up to raise the child she was told she would never have. Since then she’s done some very selective projects for a few companies including Facebook.

As ardent unschoolers and peripatetic souls Susie and William have wandered the world together and have enjoyed the wonders and people of nearly 50 countries and have been blessed to see and experience the most incredible things.

Susie has never blogged or twittered or FB’d about her and William’s journeys and adventures, but she is just busting with excitement and things to say about the insights she has had over the years and she is currently working on a book and a series of workshops to help others live love based lives and is designing a program for the corporate world called Love@Work.


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