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For the Love of Learning Episode 39


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For the Love of Learning Episode 39

Project Based Learning

Monday November 9, 2015  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
Tuesday November 10, 2015 1:00 am – 3:00 am GMT

Special Guests:

Sarah Jackson
Janny Gédéon
Angie Nastovska


In this episode we are going to explore project based learning, an alternative to  teacher-led classrooms. In fact, this modality has been adopted by many within the homeschool and alternative education community. The foundation of Project Based Learning empowers learners to focus for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge surrounding a particular topic or field. There are different practical applications and tonight we will explore how two schools and one homeschooling family employ PBL or project based learning into their practice.
Bios of Tonight’s Guests:

Sarah Jackson

sarahjacksonSarah has been a homeschooling parent for the last 7 years and has covered everything from early childhood to college entry, thanks to her well spaced children (ages 5, 13, 17, and 25!). She uses a project based approach that has lead to in depth study of everything from butterflies to Lego stop motion video and Japanese culture to plant botany. Sarah has also been the head T.A. in Lori Pickert’s Project Based Homeschooling master class for the last two years, and loves working with other parents in finding their groove with project based learning. She provides one on one coaching services for those who want additional help.

Sarah lives in Portland OR where she is involved in the crafting community and with the family biking crowd. She is currently launching a bag business so she can justify her fabric habit. She tries to bring a project mindset to every aspect of her life.
instagram: sunshineandgrey

Janny Gédéon

JannyJanny Gédéon has a B.S. in architecture from the City College of New York and a M.S. in urban planning from Hunter College. In 1997, she participated in a Brooklyn middle school career day and was alarmed by the number of students who thought that school was not relevant to their lives. That experience inspired her to pursue a career that combined her passions for architecture and teaching. For the past 16 years, Janny has been a highly regarded Architect-Educator in schools, community centers, and arts organizations throughout the metro New York region. She is also an experienced Professional Developer who has led teacher workshops under the auspices of the NYC Department of Education, Carnegie Mellon, MIT Museum, the NYC YMCA, and many individual schools in the metro area.

Angie Nastovska

angieAngie Jasna Nastovska is an evolving and passionate educator with over 12 years of experience in education. Upon finishing a Dental Technician Vocational college and experiencing the solitary practice of this profession, she was determined to enter the field of education. Angie longed for the opportunity to care, help and reach out to people, in a life-changing manner.

Upon finishing a BA in English Language and Literature, and getting a teaching credential, she started working at a local college and university, in Macedonia (South East European University). Evaluating her current situation, she decided, she is not career-ready. Traveling the world since she was little, helped her realize that she has experienced almost entire Europe. Thus, being a risk-taker and inquirer she ventured to the United States. First, she lived and worked as a teacher in Florida (Destin, under the Mexican Golf). Then, she worked on short-term projects (6-8 months) in Washington D.C., New, York, and Texas. In the meantime, she gained another AA in Early Childhood Education, MS in Curriculum Instruction and Assessment, and PhD in Ed. Leadership.

In 2007, she moved to California, where she partnered with two amazing educators in the pursuit to open an Early Childhood Ed. Center. Angie developed the entire curriculum for this organization (catered around Reggio Emilia Approach, constructivist and behaviorist theories with a project, play, and inquiry-based objective) and once it was running in full capacity, she moved to a K-12 Public, Charter School, SCVi (Communicator). She was a member of the SCVi, for the past few years, mainly as a published researcher, English, TOK and Humanities Facilitator. Recently she accepted a role as part of the iLEAD team, Director of Humanities, Innovation and Academic Rigor …

Besides the true passion for education, she still finds a way to nurture her personal interests: Visiting botanical gardens, exhibitions, plays, performances, concerts… extreme activities such as: acrobatics, hot air balloon-sunrise breakfast, all types of dances, painting, ballet…

iLEAD Schools

iLEAD Charter Schools inspire LIFELONG LEARNERS with the skills to lead in the 21st CENTURY. We EMPOWER students to become conscientious, PRINCIPLED LEADERS and citizens of the world. Our programs cultivate CREATIVE THINKING, by offering INDIVIDUALIZED instruction, ACTIVE learning methods and opportunities for SELF-DIRECTED educational experiences.




Lainie Liberti

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