For the Love of Learning – Alternative Education in the US – Epi#28

For the Love of Learning Episode 28

Show Title:

Alternative Education in the United States

Monday August 10, 2015  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
Tuesday August 11, 2015 1:00 am – 3:00 am BST

Special Guests:

Jerry Mintz
Jeff Collins
Bernard Bull

Description: For the Love of Learning – Epi#28

In this episode, we speak with three noted  thought leaders from within the alternative education movement in the United States. This show is guaranteed to be an enlightened conversation.

NOTE: Due to technical difficulties Jerry Mintz was not able to join the conversation. He has been rescheduled to appear on a future episode. However, the conversation between Jeff Collins & Bernard Bull was truly inspirational. We hope you enjoy the show. 

Bios of Tonight’s Guests:

Jerry Mintz

jerrymintz-200x300Jerry Mintz has been a leading voice in the alternative school movement for over thirty years. He was a public school teacher and principal, and, for seventeen years, an independent alternative school principal. In 1989, he founded the Alternative Education Resource Organization and has helped found over 75 alternative schools and organizations. He has been on National Public Radio, the major TV networks, in The New York Times, Newsday, and many other publications. He was Editor-in-Chief for the Handbook of Alternative Education, and the Almanac of Education Choices. He is the author of No Homework and Recess All Day: How to Have Freedom and Democracy in Education . Co-editor of Turning Points: 35 Visionaries in Education Tell Their Own Stories. He appeared in two recent TEDx talks. He continues to lecture and consult around the world.

Jeff Collins

jeffJeff is one of the founders of the Hudson Valley Sudbury School. His background is in the computer industry where he has worked for over 30 years since he graduated from Cornell with a BS in Computer Science. Throughout his career, Mr. Collins has been involved with and started a number of technology companies that have provides services to the financial and utility industries.

In 2001, Mr. Collins and his wife started looking for a school for their daughter, who was 3 at the time. They quickly realized that none of the options available in their area were what they were looking for. After an extensive search of educational models, Mr. Collins learned about the education model used by the Sudbury Valley School. After researching the model, and reading all of the available literature available, Mr. Collins realized that this was the perfect type of school for his daughter. He then started the founding group that eventually lead to the creation of the Hudson Valley Sudbury School. Mr. Collins has been a staff member at the Hudson Valley Sudbury School since the school opened in 2004.

One of Mr. Collins’ goals is to increase the awareness of the Sudbury Model of education. In order to do this, Mr. Collins has lead workshops at the AERO conference, the IDEC conference and Sudbury conferences. He has also served on Sudbury Graduation Committees at 4 different schools.

Bernard Bull

bernard bullDr. Bernard Bull is Assistant Vice President of Academics and Associate Professor of Education at Concordia University Wisconsin. He is a frequent keynote speaker and consultant on topics related to educational innovation and entrepreneurship with clients ranging from Harvard Business Publishing and think tanks to education startups, Universities, charter schools, and new school developments. He is also the recent co-founder of Birdhouse Learning Labs, an education company committed to designing unconventional, high-impact educational products and services. His work, writing and consulting focuses on the love of learning, self-directed learning, emerging and alternatives models of P-20 education, futures in education, educational innovation, educational entrepreneurship, and the intersection of education and digital culture. He blogs on these topics at
and you can follow him on Twitter, @bdean1000




Lainie Liberti

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