For the Love of Learning – Uncareering, Mentoring & Entrepreneurship – Epi#26

For the Love of Learning Episode 26

Show Title:

Uncareering, Mentoring & Entrepreneurship

Monday July 27, 2015  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
Tuesday July 28, 2015 1:00 am – 3:00 am BST

Special Guests:

Philippe Greier
Etienne Salborn
Luke Blackburn


Tonight we’ll take a look at the concept of Uncareering, Mentoring & Entrepreneurship.
Classic mentorship is described as a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. Tonight we will be looking at these relationships in the context of business, social justice projects and community. We have a panel of three very diverse approaches, each which challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of the current learning, education, business, work paradigm. In fact, we could call these approaches uncareering.

Bios of Tonight’s Guests:

Philippe Greier

phillipePhilippe is a professional hippie and social artist who enjoys playful challenges, oneness and collaboration. The question he aks himself is: How can we be the transformation that we need in our world? What triggers him is discovering and experimenting new spaces and ways to live together and to collaborate. Put him in self-organized and non-hierarchical processes and he’ll go with the flow. It’s about finding the protected place within us and expand our impact and influence by bonding and creating trust and harmony. He feels most motivated in disruptive environments, where people take on ownership and make the impossible happen.

Over the recent past Philippe has co-founded the NGO presente! (, initated the conscious leadership program Edu on Tour ( and the 24h education hackathon (, a distributed game changing event for education. Right now he is bringing his learning to business organizations in order to help them shifting to a transformative working environment and is working on a documentary and a book about a new vision in education and for our society.

Etienne Salborn

EtienneInnovator, Social Entrepreneur and Change-maker. German by blood and Ugandan by heart. He started the NGO Jangu to support Ugandan orphans through educational sponsorships in high schools. The first class of students graduated in 2013, but despite academic achievements, drowned in 83% youth unemployment. Uganda has the world’s youngest population of 78% below the age of 30 and Uganda is systemically conditioning its people to seek jobs rather than to create them through a rigid colonialist school system, while creative capacities and social capital wither.

Etienne went a step further and started the the Social Innovation Academy (SINA). It is empowering youth to become job creators by nurturing innovative project ideas into social enterprises. Scholars prototype their innovative ideas in form of projects, which are then incubated into social enterprises—with environmental and social value rather than mere monetary profit. SINA innovations revolve around a sustainable ecosystem with a positive carbon footprint, like upcycling plastic bottle construction. A unique “freesponsible” educational approach unleashes full potentials through intrinsic motivation rather than punishments and rewards. A student leaves not with a certificate, but with his or her team’s own social business.

crowdfunding campaign:

Luke Blackburn

lukeLuke started his career as a derivatives trader, managing S&P 500 futures. In 2011, he became a FINRA & NASAA registered investment advisor. He left the US in September of 2013 in search of new opportunity, economic freedom, and work that brought meaning back to his life. He is a senior fellow at Exosphere and facilitator of the Hydra series boot camps.

He is co-founder & front-end developer at Vertico, a software startup. He enjoys studying quantum technologies, ancient history, and grace.





Lainie Liberti

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