For the Love of Learning – Life Inside Out– Epi#10

For the Love of Learning Episode #10

Show Title:

Life, Inside Out

original air date:

Monday April 6, 2015  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
Tuesday April 7, 2015 1:00 am – 3:00 am BST

Special Guests:

Jill D’Agnenica
Maggie Baird
Julie Chase-Daniel

Show Description:
In tonight’s episode, we’ll sit down with the director & star and a close friend whose voice is instrumental in supporting the spirit of community during the making of this delightful independent film which explores one woman’s passion for life-long learning.  In addition, we learn how one Los Angeles homeschooling community collaboratively worked, behind the scenes as part of the film’s crew. Also, this  homeschooling community was instrumental with raising over 41 thousand dollars to get this film made. We’ll be talking about the film, the power of community, learning at any age and the ability to achieve whatever you set out to achieve. It’ll be an interesting conversation and we hope you will join us.


Bios of Tonight’s Guests:

Jill D’Agnenica

11024709_10204710494735188_4918630759791826225_nJill D’Agnenica is a visual artist, filmmaker, and the mother of two girls. Life Inside Out, her directorial debut, won Best Premiere at the Heartland Film Festival in 2013 and has since screened at 20 North American festivals, receiving 15 audience and jury awards along the way.

When Jill first read the screenplay for LIFE INSIDE OUT, she was struck by its affirmation of pursuing one’s creative passions in the midst of everyday life. The stories we tell about artists seem to have stock themes–their absolute rejection of and/or by society, their singular focus on their art to the detriment or destruction of their other relationships (and indeed their very physical and mental health) and of course, the final triumph when the artist is hailed as a genius, wins the grand prize, gets the big contract.

In contrast to that oft told story, she wanted to validate the idea that creativity can be simply woven into everyday life, enriching those it touches, actually contributing to connections with others, and becoming its own reward. Some rearranging might have to happen, the dishes might stay dirty in the sink, and the kids might have to fend for themselves for dinner, but everyone’s life will be enhanced by the presence of that creative spark in their midst.

11046889_10204710552656636_3765269834008912097_nIt’s a self-serving narrative—Jill gambles on it every day in her own life
as she try to balance creating her art, making money and raising her family. (She has an entire body of photographic and video work titled “Bad Mother” which basically documents the shenanigans her kids get into while she is ignoring them so she can get something else done.) But she can’t imagine doing her life any other way.

Jill’s entire family, including the littlest one who was only 6 at the time of filming, participated in the making of Life Inside Out. For this she feels blessed and also grateful that they are still talking to her, since the movie has consumed much of her life for the past 3 years. She is thrilled that Life Inside Out will be available on DVD on April 21, 2015.




Maggie Baird

10398657_10204710493655161_6719660871194535595_nMaggie Baird is the co-writer and star of the award winning feature film “Life Inside Out” in which she had the pleasure of acting opposite her own teenage son Finneas O’Connell. A festival favorite, the film was selected for over twenty film festivals and received a commensurate number of awards including multiple “Best Picture” and “Audience Favorite” awards.

An actor and writer living in Los Angeles, Maggie is the mother of two teenage children who have been home schooled (unschooled) throughout their lives. Extremely involved as a parent, as her children grew she decided to return to her love of music and began recording her original material and singing at open mic nights. When her then 13 year old son Finneas began to discover his own gifts as songwriter, the idea for “Life Inside Out” was born.

11021069_10204710551816615_7029548204511064330_nThe film received it’s initial funding via a successful Kickstarter campaign and was created thanks in part to the tremendous support of friends, family and the home schooling community both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. The themes of authenticity, creative expression, family and parenting are the core components not only of the film itself but in the lives of its creators.

Involving her children and husband in the process of making the film as well as working with her friend Jill D’Agnenica as director, turned out to be an incredible adventure for all of them. The labor of love that was the process of taking the movie from idea to finished script to production and finally to distribution was a dream come true and second only to mothering as the hardest and most rewarding thing she has done.




Julie Chase-Daniel

11046889_10204710550976594_416367397905976749_nFounder of In the Family Way, a small non-profit dedicated to helping families thrive, Julie Chase-Daniel always has a ready ear for creative projects that may support greater wellbeing and compassion in family life.

She has been with visual artist Matthew Chase-Daniel since 1984. Together they raised one much-loved son, Quill Chase-Daniel, who is a young filmmaker living and working in Los Angeles, as well as numerous pets & plants and a few houses that required rebuilding from the ground up. Quill grew up partly off-grid, spoke early in the mother tongue of myth & mystery, and leaped into apprenticeship in art and bricolage with his father as soon as he could lift a hammer.

Since 1990, Julie has been based in Santa Fe, NM, where the weather suits her clothes. She has worked in the field of grassroots philanthropy, served as a doula, traveled to sacred & significant historic sites around the Western world, holds a Master’s Degree in transformative leadership and is, in the spirit of self care, currently taking a hiatus from completing a PhD at California Institute of Integral Studies.

10387630_10204710553976669_8122559004989210161_nBased on her research about creativity and mutuality in the process of self-becoming, she worked with scholar Stephen Karcher to develop Mothering Change, a free online I Ching divination program dedicated to supporting personal transitions as sacred rites of passage that encourage the mutual becoming of self, family, community and cosmos.

She is a life-long poet, potter, and diviner, with a passion for meeting the Beloved wherever she goes.




Lainie Liberti

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