For the Love of Learning – Alternative Education in Mexico- #30

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Alternative Education in Mexico

Monday August 24, 2015  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
Tuesday August 25, 2015 1:00 am – 3:00 am BST

Special Guests:

Miranda Ortiz
Guillermo Borbolla
Rebecka Koritz


Tonight we speak with three visionaries who are creating alternative education opportunities in Mexico right now. My hope for this show is to examine some of the challenges , trends and opportunities they face and explore the alternatives they’ve put into the world.


Bios of Tonight’s Guests:

Miranda Ortiz

MirandaMiranda Ortiz was born in Mexico City and moved with her family to Canada at the age of 8. She graduated from McGill University with an honours degree in International Development Studies which she was able to help form as the area was only being opened at the time. Her work has touched local communities as varied as the Zapotecos from the hills of Oaxaca in Mexico, the Mohawks from Canada and various groups from northern Papua New Guinea.

Currently she resides in an off grid home in southeastern Mexico. Over the last 9 years she has been working to help women achieve natural births. The focus of her Enlightened Birth -Parto Iluminado program is to share information and deep relaxation techniques with families so as to empower them to take independent decisions for themselves and their families. Her own children were born at home and are being educated within the family circle.

As an outgrowth of this, she founded Centro Bek, a centre aimed at bringing tools and support to families and individuals so they too can create their own independent realities. Alternatives in birth, education, health, and living lightly on the earth, are all part of the integrated, consciously created, sustainable future which the centre promotes.


Guillermo Borbolla

GuillermoGuillermo considers himself an idealist at heart. He began his project as a dream to change the world after realizing that the only way to do it was by changing ourselves as individuals. The only way to really change as individuals is to change our way of thinking since we are born and that means education. The main life goal of any human being is happiness and the only way to get it is by working on it in an internal conscious way. We want to come back to the main ingredients that made mankind evolve; love, collaboration, play, exploration, experimentation. If we want to revolutionize the world, we should revolutionize education.

Mauna Kea- Founder
New school based on happiness and freedom

Rebecka Koritz

rebecka3OK2Rebecka Sofía Koritz is a pedagogical visionary and harsh school critic. She is an author, lecturer and former language teacher. Born in Sweden, she moved to Mexico in 2003. For over a decade she has been training teachers and giving workshops for parents, teachers and psychologists. In 2009 Rebecka co-founded Papalotes, a small Waldorf initiative in the state of Oaxaca (Mexico). In 2012 she co-founded its sister school in Puerto Escondido on the Pacific Coast, where she currently holds the position of Pedagogical Coordinator. In 2015 her book about the exciting journey of starting up alternative schools in one of the poorest states in Mexico, is going to be published in Swedish in Sweden. The overall question she asks herself is “why do we need schools?”.

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Lainie Liberti

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