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For the Love of Learning Episode 49

Educate Yourself

Monday February 1, 2015  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
Tuesday February 2, 2015 1:00 am – 3:00 am GMT


Arjun Aiyer
Till H. Gross


Before the 20th century only a small minority of people received an advanced academic education. Then how were people becoming educated? The act of educating yourself, or autodidacticism  was common throughout history.

Self-education is the act of self-directed learning about a subject or subjects in which one has had little to no formal education. Successful self-teaching requires self-discipline and a reflective capability.

What is involved in the act of educating yourself and can a person successfully educate themselves in today’s world? Is community important? What about mentors? How do you know once you are educated and is that even possible? We are going to explore these questions and more with an incredible panel of young men, who have indeed decided to educate themselves. I can’t wait to learn all about it.

Arjun Aiyer

arjunArjun Aiyer from Mumbai walked out from conventional schooling after his 11th grade and has chosen the alternative learning path to bring a change in the current Education System. He started off by indulging in his hobby -painting and found his passion in the field of art and design. His love affair with computers also made him a self-taught hacker.

To learn life-hacking he decided to join Swaraj University. His young teenager quest began, right from there where he found out that his passion was not just bound to design but also got excited by fields of theatre, comedy and music. He participated in the Mr. India travelling theatre group engaged in bringing social issues of the oppressed to the people at large which took him to perform in various villages in West Bengal, Maharashtra and Goa. This play brought got him to think deeper on the ills of popular concepts of development, displacement and exclusion of the weaker sections of India.

He currently is the Student Support Executive in a start-up company named SkillTrain and leads all technological operations in the company and also assists in all field operations in Mumbai, Chennai, Ahemedabad & Jabalpur. He is a rugged traveller and a true tech buff. Arjun eventually dreams of bringing an alternative path for the struggling youth through an effective use of Theatre and Technology.



markusMarkus loves music, science, handcrafting and people.

After 12 years in the German education system he was very tired of being schooled and not having the freedom of doing and learning the things he loved.

This was when he got in touch with people who had similar thoughts about education – meaning being in contact with what makes one enthusiastic and sparks one to start acting and creating.
He became part of a group of 6 people aged between 20 and 27 years. They came up with topics that they would like to dive into and started contacting “teachers” in the sense of people they could learn something from. Since the group evolved in the environment and within the “Funkenflug” (flight of sparks) movement their concept was to hike between places that they wished to visit and stay as much as possible outdoors.

Markus ended up having a great summer (from April to September) full of real education and the confidence that ideas and goals are reachable.
Currently he is living in Göttingen and studying chemistry in order to experience the regular “higher” education system and to get to know what it is like to be at a university.


Till H. Gross

tilTill H. Gross apprenticed under some of the best therapists in the world and studied psychology at the University of Vienna and University of Chicago. He is the founder of Comfort Zone Crusher. Comfort Zone Crusher uses evidence based psychotherapy techniques in a fun and playful way to help people expand their comfort zone and become more confident. Till spoke at events like the European Congress for Psychology, the Chamber of Commerce in Austria, two TEDx Events and he held a guest lecture at the University of Vienna. As of this point Till’s talks and workshops reached over 1 million people.



Lainie Liberti

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