For the Love of Learning – Education in the 21st Century – Epi #121

For the Love of Learning Epi#121

Education in the 21st Century

Monday, April 23, 2018, 6:30pm-8:30pm EDT

Monday, April 23, 2018, 11:30pm-1:30am BST

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Brigitte Kupfer
Yeyo Beltrán
Luke Barson

David Marshak

Hosted by:
Lainie Liberti


In this episode, we are going to explore learning in the 21st century. The term “21st-century skills” is generally used to refer to certain core competencies such as collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving that advocates believe schools need to teach to help students thrive in today’s world. In a broader sense, however, the idea of what learning in the 21st century should look like is open to interpretation—and potential controversy. Tonight we are going to explore what contitutes 21st century learning and propose ways we can approach learning for now and the future.


Brigitte Kupfer

Brigitte has been engaged in social change theory and practice since her teenage years in Germany.
She has been committed to bringing awareness to patriarchal domination patterns and misogynist attitudes in her personal and professional life. As a mother she realises her responsibility to transform these patterns in and between ourselves so that future generations do not need to repeat the destructive path of the past, but will be able to build the capacities to collaborate in serving life.

Brigitte left her career as a clinical and research psychologist in Germany over 20 years ago.
She has continued to work as a systemic family and couple therapist in Australia, but in the last 10 years has shifted her focus to creating spaces for conversation in the community and educational organisations. (

As a parent who chose motherhood consciously later in life and who enjoys the ongoing co-learning journey with her son, she believes that the paradigm shift we need is to be a “parent-time”-shift and that the future of education is not education but mutual learning.
Her current project is a Parents Peer Mentoring Network which focuses on the learning journey of parents as evolutionary transition leaders. Its purpose is to re-source ourselves and co-create relational spaces that serve the wellbeing of our children and future generations.
Brigitte describes her role in these times of hypercomplexity and exponential change as being an experiMENTOR, creating spaces in which we can live the questions together.

Brigitte lives with her 16 year old son and her partner in the north of Melbourne.

Luke Barson

Luke is a sixteen year old student and musician who currently attends an innovative public school in Melbourne, Australia.

Luke’s primary passion has been music. He began playing classical guitar at an early age and more recently has also begun singing and composing and performing his own music. He also teaches guitar and performs regularly with several independent ensembles.

Luke has attended several schools around Australia and has had experiences of many different forms of schooling including the public system, Steiner schools and a parent-run community school.

Luke appreciates the learning resources his current school offers, especially with regards to opportunities to engage in music projects. However, he has also observed that mainstream education does not equip young people with the skills needed to thrive in a time of global environmental crisis and social polarisation. Driven by this awareness, Luke, together with his parents, is exploring alternatives to attending school that create the opportunities for passion driven collaboration, rather than individual achievement and standardised competition.

Yeyo Beltrán

Sergio Beltrán Arruti –better known as Yeyo– was born and raised in México City. He moved to Oaxaca in 1997 to support and learn from indigenous communities. Sergio is Co-founder of Universidad de la Tierra en Oaxaca (Unitierra) and Herramientas para el Buen Vivir, AC. Through his work in the non-profit sector he has developed a deep respect for the capacity people have to make a good life (buen vivir) for themselves when they are able to freely take responsibility for their own communities.

He studied and walked out from Latin American Studies at Mexico’s national university, UNAM. From 2004 to 2005 he was a grantee of the UNESCO program Search and Research.

In 2010 he was part of the pioneering team of the Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations in Spanish, and has hosted and organized multiple intercultural encounters around the world using these tools for dialogue.

Sergio is a fierce spiritual warrior who stands for peace, and for the rights and capacities of people everywhere. Currently, he is focusing his efforts on encouraging people to take responsibility for their own garbage, promote and support alternatives for real learning, community communication experiments around the world and gift culture practices. helping people to recover the capacity to create the future they want to live in. He considers himself a perpetual learner and tries to stay present for new opportunities of learning.

David Marshak

David Marshak is the founding President of the SelfDesign Graduate Institute, a low-residency and online graduate school engaging learners in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and New Zealand in a learning community of care ( David is the author of Evolutionary Parenting ( and The Common Vision: Parenting and Educating for Wholeness. These books describe the evolutionary insights of Sri Aurobindo, Rudolf Steiner, and Hazrat Inayat Khan in regard to the unfoldment of children and teens from birth to age twenty one. According to these three teachers, the future of our species depends on our capacity to parent and educate our young in ways that promote the evolution of consciousness and nurture the unfoldment of each individual’s potential.


This episode is produced by Nina Downer

Lainie Liberti

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